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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Bad Gal Lash. Another High End Mascara Review.

Okay. I love mascara. But I hate mascara.
Yeah, it's like that. Call me a mascara junkie. They intrigue me and I want to buy all of them in order to find that Holy Grail Mascara that transforms my lashes into "Wow!". I hate them because they often let me down, and none of them turn out to be Holy Grail Mascara like I dream of.
Well, I picked up a really cool set by Benefit, which had a deluxe sample of their newest mascara, Bad Gal Lash.

BTW, I love sets like this because they let you try a bunch for less money and without the commitment of buying full size that you may not like. This is available at Ulta, BTW.
I like the applicator.
It's big & fat & easy to use. The long bristles grab your lashes and makes it easier to get the mascara onto the lashes. It's tapered down at the end, which helps you get up into the inside corner of your eye. Since it's fatter at the opposite end, it helps you better swipe the mascara onto the rest of the lashes all the way across. 
I like the mascara formula. It was smooth and went on easily.
I had no smudging or flaking on my top lashes. It lasted all day. NOTE: I could NOT put it on the bottom lashes. It DID smudge under my eye every time I tried, so I completely stopped wearing it on the bottom lashes. No problems as long as I did that.
To me, the mascara was fairly lengthening. It wasn't amazing, but it was good. I would have to say that I've had similar results with good, less-expensive brands, such as the Ulta Legendary Lengths. (Read that review and see pictures HERE.)
All in all, though, it's a pretty good mascara. Not Holy Grail good, but I liked it. I don't necessarily think you need to spend big $ on it if you've found a less expensive one you like (It's $19 at Ulta, HERE). But, if you, like me, feel the call of every mascara you come across, it's certainly not a BAD mascara. And, hey, we're all different, so who knows? You may adore it (or hate it?).
Here's a few shots on different days, different angles, different eye makeup so you can get a few different perspectives.
So, what's the BEST mascara you've tried? Are you a mascara junkie, too?


redkitchen said...

I like Revlon 3D Photo Ready. It is inexpensive, and it works great. I am currently using Cover Girl Lengthening (I had a coupon) and I don't like it.

Jean said...

Thanks for the heads-up on the CG Lengthening. I'll skip that one!