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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Acne Treatment That Doesn't Dry Out Skin?

I'm about to turn 40, but I still get zits.
I know, I thought I'd be done with acne by now, too.
Sad, huh?
I got a new acne treatment to try out in my February Glossybox, so I figured I'd try it out when I got my latest zit.

Product Intro:
Evologie System: came with Intensive Blemish Serum and Stay Clear Cream deluxe samples.
The Intensive Blemish Serum is supposed to "rapidly clear blemishes" while the Stay Clear Cream is purported to "keep skin clear, moisturized and help reduce breakouts, post-blemish scarring and skin discoloration".
All of this without dryness, irritation or redness, mind you.
How about a photo collage to show you my results?
I apologize that the lighting/color is so different from picture to picture. It can't be helped, since these were taken at different times of day.
A few important "facts":
*This was not deep, cystic acne, but a run-of-the-mill, common zit.
*I used the serum twice a day (morning & evening).
*The zit never got any worse, like they typically do. Instead it got progressively better, though it didn't magically disappear as one would wish!
*I had NO DRYING like I do with other zit creams. No flaking, peeling or any of that. Yes!
*This smells mildly like tea tree oil because that is the "main" ingredient. So there is a scent, if that is a concern.
*I used the Stay Clear Cream twice a day, but didn't like it for daytime use. As soon as I let it dry really well, I tried to apply makeup and the cream basically came right back off in gross little balls. Apparently, the Cream is NOT for people who wear makeup!
*The Cream also doesn't seem to be moisturizing to me. Just sayin'.
*I can't tell if it does all that it claims to do because that would take months to determine (and a whole lot more cream than I was given!).
February Glossybox
You can get the same SAMPLE set I did HERE for only $2.85 TOTAL.
My Bottom Line:
Even though it's no miracle, it did shorten the duration of the zit and it did NOT cause any dryness or flaking like the other treatments I've used over the years. The Cream is okay for night use, but as a makeup wearer, I wouldn't use it during the day.
I really like the Serum and will continue to use what I have.
At $35 for .5fl oz HERE, I don't know if I'll be buying it again. That's pretty high for my budget.
So, what do you treat your acne with? How does it do?
Disclaimer: I did not receive anything in this post for free; all items were paid for by me, and this post represents my honest opinion of the products mentioned. I receive NO reimbursements or payments for anyone clicking on the Evologie links. They are provided simply as a courtesy to my readers.