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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Mascaras: DiorShow Extase Mascara vs. Ulta Lengendary Lengths

After a forced blogging break due to bad internet connection, I'm finally back on the world wide web! Thank you AT&T for fixing the lines in the RV park and getting me connected again ;)

Recently I received Dior's DiorShow Extase Mascara in my May "Gossip Girl" Edition Birchbox.

I was really excited to get this sample because several readers have commented that it is their fave and worth the extra dough.
I decided to compare it to my new Ulta Legendary Lengths Mascara I picked up on super-sale at Ulta.

Here's how the wands look on both.
Top is DiorShow, bottom is Legendary Lengths
While the brushes are different, they both seem to function quite well. I like the tapered end on the Ulta because it seems to help me get to those small corner lashes. Yet, the wavy, bristley shape of the Dior wand seems to grab a hold of lashes. I can't really say one is better than the other, although there was a slight "better feel" to the Dior wand, which I attribute to it "grabbing" the lashes easier.
The formula itself seems to be very comparable/similar. They both glide on easily. Neither is clumpy. They both darken the lashes equally. Neither is waterproof, yet they don't flake or run. They both performed equally well. See if you can tell a difference in appearance.

I can't see any meaningful difference in quality. Can you?

My LEFT eye
My LEFT eye

My RIGHT eye

My RIGHT eye

So which one is which??
My LEFT eye has Ulta Legendary Lengths, while my RIGHT eye has DiorShow Extase.

Here's a different angle:

 There is one big difference, however: Cost. I scored the Ulta mascara for $4 (sale, 2 for $8), right now it's on sale at Ulta for $5 HERE. The DiorShow Extase weighs in at $28.50 HERE.
I guess it's up to you. Do you want to pay more just for the name?
If so, be my guest. You'll get no argument from me. However, rest assured that the pictures speak for themselves...you can get equally great mascara from Ulta for a fraction of the cost. Then you can spend your money buying MORE makeup!
 Birchbox has a great "Gossip Girl" Neutral Cateye tutorial below which they promoted with their May Birchbox. I thought you might like to check out. It has quite a few "tips & tricks", plus the neutral cateye is a look most every lady can wear beautifully.