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A real mom of 4 reviewing various products & services with honesty & integrity. From natural beauty products to household items to groceries - the truth - so you can save dollars, time & sanity. No flames, no games, just a real mom reviewing.

Who Is The Real Mom?

So who is this crazy woman who subjects herself to nutty beauty products, weird foods, and gets irate over things that don't hold up to their advertised promises?

My name is Jean and I'm 43.

I'm a Southern girl and I have 4 kids that I homeschool. Okay, I actually got the oldest graduated and he's on his own now, so I really only homeschool 3 kiddos these days. Thank you God for giving me the patience and strength!

Homeschooling my kids takes up a great deal of my time, as does my part-time work as a subcontracted bookkeeper. Throw in the normal things that a stay at home mom has to do and you'll see why I'm NOT one of those bloggers that posts a new post every day (or even every other day). I simply don't have the time. I could throw up random mediocre posts just to fill a quota, but I prefer to strive for quality, not quantity. That's just how I roll. So if you subscribe, your inbox will not drown in frivolous notifications...at least not from me! That said, I hope you'll subscribe (hint, hint!).

So why did I choose to blog reviews? Why would I put myself in the niche that is perhaps least liked among fellow bloggers? Because I don't blog reviews for the same reason many do. I don't blog to get paid, nor to get free stuff (although it IS nice to get some free stuff). I blog because I was one of those people who trolled the Internet looking for honest reviews of products before I could give myself permission to buy them. You see, the money in my home is hard-earned. As such, we don't spend it lightly. I wanted to know whether what I spent money on was worth it. But I had a hard time finding honest reviews that were thorough in their content.

Many of the reviews I read came off as paid "yes men", to tell you the truth. I couldn't respect what they'd offered as a "review". It seemed like they'd agreed to do a review for items that they didn't really believe in, just to get said item for free, or perhaps get paid for the review. One thing you should know about my reviews: while I do accept some products for free to review, I turn down lots of products that are offered because they don't strike me as something I can stand behind. I'm not going to tell you how great a product is just to suck-up to the company who sent it to me for free. My reviews would be worth nothing.

With that in mind, I wanted people to find the very thing that I'd sought so many times: an honest, thorough, reliable review with pictures/proof when possible. I want to be that for you.
If you would like to contact me, please send me an email:

Thanks for getting to know me and the reason I blog reviews. Ya'll come back often!