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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Does Olay Facial Hair Remover Work?

I bought the Olay Facial Hair Removal Duo months ago.
I wanted to test and see if it would effectively remove the unwanted peach fuzz I have.
Here's what I've discovered over the last few months of use:

1) If you aren't careful to smooth on the special skin conditioning stuff (it's like a lip balm stick, basically), or if you accidentally spread hair remover on skin that you didn't pre-treat with the "guarding balm", it will burn after a few minutes. A lot. So be sure to cover all areas you intend to remove hair from, and don't accidentally wander beyond that area (easy to do since the guarding balm is CLEAR). And even with the guarding balm, I STILL had some mild redness and irritation in spots.
You get directions, a balm-type stick (the guarding balm), and the removal cream.
2) This stuff seems to remove a decent amount of the fine peach fuzz, but it NEVER gets it all. My face was NOT smooth and hair-free. It had LESS hair, but nope, it doesn't take care of all of it. I tried lengthening the amount of time I left it on, all the way up to the max time recommendation, but it still didn't do it all the way.
3) I have common peach fuzz issues, not actually mustache or beard-type issues. Since this didn't work well for me, I honestly cannot fathom that it would work well for someone who has REAL issues with facial hair. I DID use the version that is for "Fine to Medium" hair (which is how I'd classify mine). So I can't speak for the one for "Medium to Coarse" hair. Maybe it works like a dream? My guess is that it might work better for someone like me with fine to medium, but probably not work well for someone who actually has the medium to coarse hair it is marketed toward?
4) You really use this stuff up pretty quickly. I think I used it maybe 5 times and it's almost used up. A cheaper one I used several years back seemed to last FOREVER, nearly. In fact, I ended up throwing it out because it got too old before I used it all up.
5) There are other less-expensive facial hair removers out there that perform just as well (or even better) as this over-priced depilatory, and come with a whole lot more product. This is currently on SALE at drugstore.com for $24.79.
I bought it for around $23, I think.
 My Bottom-Line experience: Not worth it.
What depilatories have you tried (facial or otherwise), and did they work for you?