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A real mom of 4 reviewing various products & services with honesty & integrity. From natural beauty products to household items to groceries - the truth - so you can save dollars, time & sanity. No flames, no games, just a real mom reviewing.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Robotic vacuums, or "Mom's finally gone hi-tech!"

So, I'd seen one of those little robotic vacuums at my aunt's home several Christmases back and I was thoroughly intrigued. I noticed that she didn't have carpet and figured that the robot was her way of dealing with the necessary daily cleaning that comes with non-carpeted floors. However, since there were so many folks there (my family is HUGE), I didn't bother to stop her and interrogate her on the qualities of her little robot friend. But, that little robot had firmly implanted itself in my subconscious for a later date.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Introducing - The Real Mom

Welcome! Necessity is the mother of invention, right? Well, necessity has just given birth again. I always wished there was a trusted resource to help me wade through all the junk, all the hype, all the wasted dollars, and get to the really good stuff. I would find myself drawn to the beauty editorials in mags, desiring to find out which products worked, which ones worked wonders, and which ones only worked over your wallet.
In this age of blogging, I've finally decided to create that which I've always longed for; a real mom giving honest reviews of products and services with no worry about someone having paid for the review. After all, that would make it advertisement, and that's not what I'm about.
Why label it with "mom"? Because I will review things that are of interest to moms. Non-moms may benefit, as may men, possibly. However, I will be blogging from a decidedly "mommy" perspective. We homeschool, so you will see some items that relate to home education. If this doesn't apply to you - skip it. If it does, check it out.
Why do this at all? To save you all dollars and discouragement, of course! As a sahm of four great kids, ages 8 months through 14 years, I NEED to be super-frugal. We homeschool, so you will see some items that relate to home education.
Also, you might wish to note: I'm a Christian, so you will probably notice my beliefs, and a kind attitude, woven throughout my blog. It's part of the fabric of my being, so it naturally comes through. This is a safe place where you won't find ugliness or hate. Always respect. Even in criticism one should always show gentleness and respect. No flames, no games, just a real mom reviewing!