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Friday, February 22, 2013

Oily Skin? Do Mattifiers Work?

I have a very oily forehead.
I don't know why, but it is what it is. So I was very excited to try out each of 3 mattifiers that were sent to me through my various beauty box subs over the last few months.
The first one was OC8 Professional Mattifying Gel (through Glossybox).
It claims: 8 hour matte finish, evens skin tone, for all skin types.

The next mattifier, My Prime Multi-Purpose Mattifying Moisturizer, came through Birchbox.
It claims: anti-aging formula with Pili & Moringa Oils.
The third mattifier was Fresh Umbrian Clay Mattifying Serum (through Glossybox).
It claims: for normal to oily skin, controls shine, 24 hour antioxidant protection.
I'm gonna make this fairly quick and painless and not bore you with tons of details.
1) Each of these 3 mattifiers help a LITTLE. There's unfortunately not a big difference.
2) "My Prime" worked slightly better than "OC8".
3) I couldn't tell any difference between the "Fresh" and the "My Prime" mattifiers.
4) For me, none of these did enough to be worth the cost, plus the extra step of applying and letting it dry before adding on foundation.
5) None of these broke me out, caused a problem, was difficult to apply.

Here are pics of various days, various mattifiers, various stages through out the day:
OC8 used on that side of forehead, this is at the start of the day.
My Prime used on that side, also at the start of the day.
You can see the oil broke through. This is after 4 hours. My Prime side was slightly less oily than OC8 side.
OILY! After 4 hours, My Prime and Fresh are the same.

This is at 6 hours, My Prime and Fresh, still equal., but both oily.

You can see the shine. This is after 4 hours.
Yep, oily on that side, too. 4 hours.
I do know there are a few beauty bloggers out there that I follow who have had good results with various mattifiers, so I think there must be some mattifiers that work well...at least for some people. I will continue to hope for a mattifier that works on my oily forehead. After all, summer will be here soon, along with baking temps and facial oil-slicks.
Have you ever used a mattifier that seemed to work for you? 

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Honeybee Gabriel said...

My skin is oily and I want to see if this product suit with my skin type. Thanks for recommending.

Stopping by from thesits. Looking forward to read more from you.