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PR/Advertising Opportunities

Hi, I'm Jean, the owner and operator of The Real Mom Review. While I'm very choosy about who I work with (read why HERE), I would appreciate the opportunity to consider your business or product for review on my blog. A few of the well-known companies I've worked with on The Real Mom Review:
Sam's Club
P&G (Procter & Gamble)
Green Giant
Box Tops for Education
Honeybee Gardens
I've also enjoyed working with a number of smaller companies, as well.

There are three possible business opportunities available to you on The Real Mom Review:
Product Reviews

Product Review Policies

-Reviews are FREE of charge.
-I reserve the right to refuse any product I deem unsuitable for my audience, or unsuitable for myself or my family.
-A product is required for all reviews and will not be returned.
-Value of review item(s) must exceed $20, not including shipping.
-Please allow 3 to 6 weeks for your review to be completed.
-Sample sizes are not allowed. Full-sized products are needed to adequately test the product. If you send a sample you will not be reviewed.
-We are not responsible for any shipping costs. Any packages shipped COD will be returned to sender.
-You are encouraged to add a discount or coupon code with the product, which I will then include in the review at no extra charge.
-I give honest reviews. I try to focus on the positive things, but will note glaringly negative qualities.
-I will provide a minimum of two links to your website in my review.
-An emailed stock photo of the item is encouraged. I will most likely take my own photos as well, but stock photos always look better than mine (I'm certainly not a professional photographer!) and can be included in the post for clarity.

Giveaway Policies

-Giveaways are free of charge when combined with a Product Review (see Product Review Policies).
-Giveaway item value must exceed $20, not including shipping.
-Giveaways without a Product Review are subject to a fee; please contact me for pricing.
-Please inform me what the exact prize(s) is/are when setting up the giveaway.
-Please let me know if the giveaway is open to US & Canada, or US only.
-I select all giveaway winners through random.org and notify them by an email that they have 48 hours (unless noted otherwise) to respond.
-If they don’t respond I will use random.org again to pick a new winner. When I have a qualified reply I will email you their shipping information.
-I ask that you ship your prize to the giveaway winner within 1 month from the giveaway end.
-I will not be held responsible for shipping the prize to the winner. Please do not mail me the giveaway prize with the review product. Shipping costs and safe arrival to the winner is your sole responsibility.
-The main entry for the giveaway is usually asking the reader to visit your site through supplied links and comment with their favorite product. If you would like something different/more specific, let me know.
-I can also ask the reader to "Like" your Facebook page, follow on Twitter, etc. for bonus entries. This service is subject to an additional fee; please contact me for pricing.

Advertising Policies

-You can advertise your brand in a 125 x 125 ad spot for $20 a month or a text ad for $10 on our home page monthly. 
- If an alternative ad size is required, please contact us for pricing.
-You will be responsible for supplying the HTML for the ad.
-I will choose where to place the ad.
-Payment can be made via PayPal or check, and is required upfront.
-We will only advertise businesses that are family-friendly.
-These prices are subject to change at any time while not under contract. All contracts are renewable monthly, and prices are subject to change before renewal is contracted.

Email Jean, The Real Mom Review Owner