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Monday, July 30, 2012

Dry Summer Skin? True Blue Spa is AWESOME!

I'm at the pool with the kiddos nearly every single day. After all, staying in an RV leaves you with limited options! As I started spending more and more time out in the sun, and in the chlorinated pool, my skin began to dry out. I had been fighting it with my usual skin moisturizer, Victoria's Secret Body Butter. It was doing a decent job, but then I ran out. So, off to The Falls Mall in South Miami. Very pretty mall, by the way. See pic way below.
I decided I wanted a coconutty type smell this time. Victoria's Secret didn't have an intense moisturizer (no body butter) in the Coconut Passion scent I craved, so off to Bath and Body Works.
There, with a friend's help, I discovered the True Blue Spa line.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Metal pronged lash combs...do you really need one?

I don't remember where, but I read that all of us mascara junkies NEED the metal type lash comb. I have a lash comb/brow brush and honestly, I never use the lash comb because it just doesn't actually do any good. It simply folds my lashes back and doesn't actually go through them, separating them. I use it for brushing my brows only.
Well, I decided when I went to Sephora recently to pick up my Beauty Insider Birthday Perk, which by the way was a fabulous little mini-duo of Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment...1 clear, 1 in Rose...review coming soon...I would see if they had any metal lash combs available at an affordable price.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Art Fun...No Mess! BIG Crayola Summer Fun Giveaway

This summer, as many of you know, we are living in a 5th wheel camper down in South Florida. While there is LOTS to do down here (and boy have we done lots!), there are times when it seems to rain with no end in sight. Like when Tropical Storm Debbie settled right on us and sat here for days. When those kinds of days happen, it is NOT fun to be stuck in a 41' trailer with 3 kids. Thank goodness Crayola rescued us from our boredom! And with great products that are both fun and NOT messy. After all, we just recently bought our 5th wheel and we don't want marker or paint all over everything. Let's face it, with little ones, even with the best of intentions, stuff happens. But not with Crayola Color Wonder! Learn more about Crayola Color Wonder HERE.
Here's the fab stuff they sent us to try out. Cool, huh!?!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Ever wonder about those stick-on masks? Masqueology Review

In my June Birchbox, I received one of those stick-on type masks.
I've seen this type before, though most of the ones I've seen have been small area application patches, such as for the eye area, or for the forehead. I'd wondered if they really do any good. Here was my chance to try out at least one brand's take on the stick-on mask.
 Masqueology has a "Pore Minimizing" full facial mask "with Mushroom Extract" that is supposed to "minimize the visible appearance of pores" and "refine skin's overall texture and appearance". You can read more about what it has in it and what those ingredients supposedly do, or purchase 3 masks of your own for $24 at Birchbox HERE.