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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Pixi Eye Bright Primer Review

  Once upon a time,
I received a deluxe sized sample of
Pixi Eye Bright Primer
in one of my beauty box subbies (Birchbox or Glossybox, don't remember which).
I wasn't really sure what to do with it, because the packaging wasn't very clear, so I used it as a shadow primer AND as an under eye concealer.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Thankful Product Junkie Giveaway Winner!

Congrats to
Amy M. 
Louisville , Kentucky
She is the winner of over $300 worth of products/samples in the Thankful Product Junkie Giveaway.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Living Proof No Frizz Line Review

Living on the Gulf Coast and having naturally wavy/curly hair can be a hideous thing.
I seem to battle frizz more often than not.
I was very excited to try the Living Proof (supposedly a HIGHLY scientific brand) "frizz" line (pronounced "no frizz").
I bought the trial size kit from Sephora for $29 and had high hopes that this would be Holy Grail anti-frizz stuff.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Comparing Natural, Non-sugar Sweeteners

I eat low carb, low sugar.
I've been eating this way for over 3 years.
I still like my coffee with sweetener and I still like some "sweet" things in my diet, so I must use non-sugar sweeteners.
I really LIKE the flavor of Splenda; however, I am trying to get away from using it because it is not natural and supposedly is very harmful to our health. I've read quite a few things about Splenda that I don't like, so I'm always on the hunt for an alternative way to sweeten things.
I've bought liquid Stevia, and while it was "do-able", it was bitter.
I've bought granular Erythritol (weird sounding but in fact natural), but it has this weird "cooling" effect on the tongue.
So when I spotted Skinnygirl (Sg) natural sweeteners on my local store shelf the other day, I gladly bought both types:
Stevia extract (with erythritol), and Monk Fruit extract.