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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Beach Waves, Loose Curls, Tight Curls & More, from 1 Flat Iron?

Is it possible to get many different looks
from 1 inexpensive flat iron?
I decided to ditch my old large barrel curling iron
 and get a flat iron that could also make waves.
After watching tons (and I mean tons) of YouTube
videos with women from every walk of life
showing how they flatten, straighten, curl, and crimp
 their hair, I realized I WANT one of those!
I consulted friends, gurus, makeup-centric FB groups, and hundreds of product reviews trying to figure out WHICH flat iron to get.
I could get a CHI or Babyliss for $100+?
Or I could opt for a cheaper version,
but possibly end up with a dud?
As a mom to 4, with a very tight budget, I decided
 to forego the high-end brands and get a Conair.
Specifically, I got the Infiniti Pro Conair Flat Iron, 1.5 inch.
It had all the things I wanted and was less than half the cost of the high-end brands.
(I found mine at my local Walmart for $32.92)
I've had it for over a month now and I still like it a lot, if not even more. There's so much versatility once you understand that the control is all in your hands. Literally!
So, I will cease with the words and let you watch the video, which tells you what I like about it...and I show you how to accomplish several different types of hair stylings.
Comment & let me know if you learned something new!
Disclosure: I wasn't compensated in any way for this review. I paid for the products myself. As always, my opinion is simply my own. And everyone's entitled to their own!