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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Macadamia Oil "Flawless" Sulfate-free Cleansing Conditioner Review & Demo

If you have frizzy hair, especially if it's wavy or curly, you really need to consider giving up shampoos with sulfates in them.
They strip your hair of it's natural oils and lead to more frizz.
They decrease general hair health.
If you have fine, limp hair this may not be for you.
Since I don't have that kind of hair, I can't honestly speak to that need.
With my crazy-bushy-frizzy-wavy hair, I can certainly speak to those of you with similar hair!
If nothing else, at least buy one bottle of sulfate-free shampoo and try it out till it's all gone and see how that works for ya.
If you find your hair gets too limp or lifeless, maybe use "regular" shampoo once every 5-7 washes, just to keep it from being weighed down by too much of your natural oils.
For those of you who have embraced sulfate-free already, and maybe are ready to try "co-washing" for even more "frizz-fight", I have a recommendation:
Macadamia Natural Oil Flawless Cleansing Conditioner.

I received this as a Freebie from Ulta because I'm an Ulta Rewards Club member.
They sent me an email coupon for the trial size, which is 3.3 oz ($15 HERE).
Since I used to co-wash (conditioner washing...you take a silicone-free, aka "lightweight" conditioner, wet you hair and scrub your scalp and hair with the conditioner instead of shampoo, then rinse well) when I wore my hair curly, this wasn't new to me. I was intrigued and ready to try it out.
Watch my video to see how it worked for me,
what results I got,
AND be amazed that using Flawless trimmed my blow dry time by 1/3!!
What I didn't like about Flawless:
Yes, do consider that you are eliminating the need for shampoo and conditioner, and if you are currently using a mid or high end line, you may come out even, or even save money, but I used up my 3.3 oz bottle on my long hair in about 7 uses.
$15 for 7 uses is high to me.
Worth mentioning: right now, at Ulta,
FREE Macadamia Natural Oil Flawless 3.3 oz.
with any $25 Macadamia Natural Oil purchase
(offer valid 2/16/14-2/22/2014 or while supplies last).
So if you already love the line's hair oil, treatment, etc., go score this freebie and see for yourself.

Have you found a shampoo and conditioner that you absolutely LOVE? Let us know so we can try it out. Be sure to mention what hair type you have. Thanks!