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Monday, January 27, 2014

Review: Skinny Jane Weight Loss & Nutrition for Women, plus Giveaway

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

If you want to jump start your weight loss, Skinny Jane may be what you're looking for. I'm not big into shakes and specialty "diet" items...I eat low carb and most of what I eat is "whole foods", things I prepare myself from scratch. But, I do recognize that many people need "help" dieting, especially in the beginning, when they're trying to adjust.
Maybe they don't have time to fix a healthy breakfast. Or maybe you are on the go and prefer to drink a quick breakfast drink. Sometimes you just have to do what works, even if it is just for a little while. I realize this. As long as it isn't sugar-laden, I'm game to at least try it out.
So Skinny Jane sent me 4 flavors of their shakes to sample: Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate and Banana. They also sent me their "Burn" and "Cleanse" pills.
My thoughts on the shakes:
All four flavors were good. They have a mild flavor. They didn't have any weird aftertaste that I could detect. I enjoyed them pretty well, including Banana, which is surprising, because I don't like ANY banana-flavored stuff (candy, etc.).  
My one complaint: they are difficult to mix in. You are directed to mix them into milk (skim), but I can't drink milk, so I mixed them into my unsweetened vanilla coconut milk that I usually drink. I put it into a shaker and still had lots of little balls of powder that didn't mix up. I added a few pieces of crushed ice and that helped mix it better. However, if you have a blender, that gives the best mixing result.
My thoughts on the pills:
Skinny Burn: I usually have a big cup of coffee first thing in the a.m., but as directed, I nixed that and had 2 of the Burn pills instead. I didn't feel jittery or notice any side effects. And I also didn't really miss my coffee much, either. So I guess it had enough caffeine to keep me from having coffee withdrawal, but not so much as to give me jitters.
Skinny Cleanse: You are supposed to take these at 5p.m., a bit before you eat dinner. I had an awful time remembering to do this, so I recommend setting an alarm on your phone to remind yourself. I noticed no issues with stomach distress from any of this, including these Cleanse pills. I seemed to pee a bit more than usual, but I was also drinking a bit more water than usual, as per the directions (16 oz of water with both sets of pills, plus you have the shake at breakfast, plus all the other water and green tea I normally have, plus my late-morning coffee I added in).
I lost 4.5 lbs in 7 days.
Even though I already eat low carb, I lost 4.5 lbs.
I have no way of knowing if it was water weight, although I feel it was not, since eating low carb is a naturally diuretic way of eating. And my clothes fit a little looser in the belly.
It was very inspiring.
If you need something to get you kick started on your weight loss, please don't turn to those sugary shakes that are out there (most all of them!), check out Skinny Jane. It's low in sugar (1g), net carbs (4g), tastes pretty good, and has needed protein (12g).
I don't advocate heavy product usage for long-term weight loss. I think we all need to learn to eat healthily, and make it a lifestyle change. However, I recognize that sometimes we need a little help getting started.
Skinny Jane may be that help for you.
Would you like to WIN your very own Skinny Jane Kit ($89.99 value)?
Let me direct you to the Giveaway Skinny Jane is hosting:
"We want to give one person (one person from all of the bloggers’ readers) a chance to win a Skinny Jane Kit (89.99 value). Just let your fans know all they have to do to enter is the following:

1. “Like” us (Skinny Jane) on
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2. Submit an email to info@skinnyjane.com explaining why they should win the trial Kit. (weight loss struggles, hardships, etc.)
3. They will need to include blogger's name (ME: Jean Lynd at The Real Mom Review) so we know whose fan it is.
4. Deadline will be January 31, 2014.
5. The winner will be given a code so they can purchase the kit on Amazon for free, including free shipping.
You don't have much time, so if you'd like to win, follow those steps today!
And good luck!
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