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Saturday, May 17, 2014

5 S's for a Successful Shorts Season

Here are 5 S's
to help you have a more successful
Spring & Summer Shorts Season:
1.) Shave Cream.
Affordable great shave cream for women
Shorts show skin. Best if it's not hairy skin!
I've tried lots of shaving creams, foams, gels, lotions, etc. We are all different, but I've found that I truly like shave lotions/creams best.
They provide close, comfortable shaves, while moisturizing the skin better than most of the others. I like EOS and Skintimate, but Skintimate edges out EOS thanks to the packaging (EOS, as a pump, will end up leaving you with a lot of cream at the bottom that won't pump out, while Skintimate, being upside-down and a squeeze-type, will completely empty out with no problems).
2.) Shaving Razor.

Great razor for close shave for women
I've also tried lots of razors, and I prefer Schick Hydro Silk. You can read my review HERE. It'll tell you all about why I prefer it.
3.) Sunless Tanner.
Gradual sunless tanner that works well
If you shun the sun or you simply haven't had a chance to spend much time out in it, sunless tanner can help you get ready for shorts. After all, the old saying goes, "tan fat looks better than pasty fat". Me? I prefer to use the "gradual" tanners. I really like Nivea Sun-Kissed Beautiful Legs. It gives a slow, natural-looking tan and I never have an issue with streaking, orangey-ness, or application problems. If you want an overnight "BAM" tan, find something else. But if you want to look like you've gradually been spending time outdoors, this one's for you.
Oh, and BTW, they claim to slow hair growth so you won't need to shave as often. I have NOT noticed any difference in my need to shave. So this doesn't seem to be true, sadly. Wish it were.
4.) Shapely Legs.
real women legs
Disclaimer: I'm not claiming to have amazing legs. In fact, I purposefully took a picture of my own, real legs because I believe I owe you better than showing you some unrealistic model's perfect gams and glutes.
Let's be real.
Anyhow, I AM working on it. I run 5K 3 times a week, plus I do 45 minutes of heavy lifting concentrating specifically on legs and butt every week.
If you need a free, easy way to get started, let me recommend FitnessBlender.com.
There, you can find video workouts of ALL kinds. You can specifically look up videos for the length of time you need, the body area you want, the fitness level you're currently at, and even choose which equipment is required (or not!).
It's a great resource that I personally use for not only legs, but arms, abs, back workouts, plus some stretching & yoga moves, as well.
5.) Shorts!
great shorts for average womanshorts that work for most women
 While there are loads of great shorts out there, I'm gonna make a recommendation that you can start with until you find the perfect shorts for you:
I have them in Rolled Oats (the khaki color pictured above), Black, White and a limited-time black & white print.
They are short enough to not look frumpy or matronly. They are long enough so that you don't look like you are trying to bring Daisy Dukes back in style.
They come in lots of colors, including some brights. They may not perfectly fit every type of body, but they DO have a forgiving, easy fit that will work for most.
PLUS, they're affordable!
Typically, Old Navy has them for $19.94, but you can often score them on sale.
One issue I do have with them...if you don't take them straight from the dryer and fold them nice and flat, they will likely need ironing.
NOTE: Don't worry about trying to be perfect to wear shorts! Life is too short for that. Do what you can so you will feel sexy and confident, but don't hide yourself in the shadows.
Be bold! Be the warrior you are! Live this life you have while you can. I'll be living it right alongside you ;)
Are you ready for Shorts Season?
What do you need to do to feel ready?
Is there anything you would do differently than me?
Have you found some amazing shorts that I need to check out?
Do tell!