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Sunday, October 27, 2013

One BAD Dry Shampoo. AVOID!

I like dry shampoo. It's very, very convenient.
You can read all about why I like it at THIS POST.
Anyway, I "earned" a freebie at Ulta for past purchases and one of the items I could choose was KMS Dry Shampoo.

 It's supposedly for "dry cleansing and style maintenance".

So, per my usual dry shampoo procedure, I sprayed it in my typically oily areas.
Then I brushed through it well.


 It really wasn't looking so good. It was very powdery looking...and didn't seem to be dissolving or fading much.  

Instead, I began to see flakes! Like tiny bits of dandruff or severe hairspray buildup.
Yuck!!! Not my idea of "fixing things". That's more like making it worse.
Below, I managed to get a very good, close up, clear shot that really shows what this spray did to my hair. It AIN'T pretty! Look closely. See all that "snow" in my hair. Gross!
I don't know if I got a defective can or what.
But I so would NOT waste money on this product.
I still like Dry Shampoo. I still prefer Suave.
I guess I will stick with that!