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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Sephora's "Outrageous Volume" Mascara Review

You know I love mascara. I'm addicted to trying new ones.
I've never found the PERFECT one (at least not yet), so I keep on looking!
My latest "try-out" was Sephora's house brand volumizing mascara:
Sephora Outrageous Volume Dramatic Volume Mascara $15

I received it as a freebie deluxe sample for belonging to the VIB Club. Picked it up at the store a few months ago and just now got around to opening it. I hadn't tried any of the Sephora house brand mascaras before, so I was excited to get my hands on this sleek little tube.
Here's the claim from Sephora:
"This mascara's unique triple load brush intensely coats lashes in one easy stroke for a full, luscious look. The thick, Ultra Black formula is enriched with hyaluronic acid—an ingredient recognized for its moisturizing properties. Use the brush's reservoirs to intensify lashes from root to tip, separate lashes with the "spiked" areas, or achieve a curved effect by pressing the brush lightly against the tips of the upper lashes."
I do NOT like the reservoir. For me, that meant a big glop of too much mascara. I much prefer my mascara be distributed to my lashes via bristles, not a "ditch" full of mascara. Seriously.
You can see the reservoir clearly here:
Here's what I achieved on my lashes with this formula:
They seemed to clump a bit. No doubt thanks to the reservoirs.
Here's a close-up, left eye. Notice the clumping.
All of these, BTW, are only ONE layer applied.
And now, close-up, right eye. Clumping together.
Now, I do know that some people prefer a clumpy, spiky look, but not me.
If you like some spikes, this might be your mascara.
What do I want from my dream mascara?
Dark brown or black color
A pretty WET, silky formula that is not thick, dry or globby
Dries within 60-90 seconds, so it doesn't end up all over my face
Doesn't transfer to my lower eye once it has dried thoroughly
Puts a thin coat on each individual lash, keeping them mostly separated
I want it to look like I have HUNDREDS of lashes...not like I have spikes!
Spikes do not equal volume!
Looking like you have MORE lashes equals volume!
I don't really care about a curling formula, because   a) I use a curler on my left eyelashes pre-application  AND   b) I use Latisse, which causes my right eyelashes to curl up pretty much on their own (yes, weird that it only seems to do that to one eye). I only need to curl the one side, and it holds the curl pretty well.
My conclusion:
You failed at this one, Sephora.
Not that the mascara is horrid. I have definitely tried worse.
But this is sure not worth $15 in my opinion.

Oh well, I guess that means I just keep getting to try out new mascaras!
So do you like spiky lashes?
What do you like your mascara to do?