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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Eyebrow Tool Duel! Pencil vs. Marker

Long story short:
I don't hardly have any eyebrows.
No, I did not pluck them.
It's genetic.
I wish I had thicker ones that I could actually shape into beautiful, stylish arches. But I don't, so I try to darken them a bit, which makes them appear a bit thicker and more "there".
I do NOT do the heavily drawn-on  (or powdered on...or whatever) eyebrows that some ladies do.
It looks really fake, made-up, and ridiculous on me. It's like, "Hey, HERE'S my eyebrows...lookie, lookie!"
So, when I enhance my brows, I'm going for a subtle upgrade, not an overhaul.
Here are the tools I use:

The tips on them:
The "wax" end of the pencil, up close:
My "spoolie" brush:
This comparison really clamors for a video in order to be proper, so here it is.
And yes, I hereby acknowledge my very Southern accent.
(Just for the record, talking slowly doesn't make one stupid any more than talking quickly makes one a genius!)
Useful Links (not affiliate links or anything):
Now I can't wait till I can try out Benefit's Gimme Brow! It's a brand new brow volumizing fiber gel that is getting great reviews on the beauty websites. Maybe soon?!?
It wasn't even available at my local Ulta last week. The consultant said they expect it in-store closer to October/November. You can order it online, but I really wanted to TRY it at the store first.
Do you fill in your brows? What do you use?