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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Does Hemorrhoid Cream Really Depuff Eyes?

Most of us have that One Thing we wish we could change about our appearance.
We spend big money to try and fix it...might even be willing to have surgery to change that One Thing.
For me, the One Thing is my eye baggage.
They appeared in my late 30's.
They are not caused by late nights, too much salt, or inadequate sleep.
 They're genetic.
The derm told me that they are "fat pads" under the eyes, and you can camouflage them SOMEWHAT with makeup/concealer, but the only way to get rid of them is to have surgery. (No, losing weight won't work either). Basically, they make an incision in the inside of the under eye and remove the fat.
Sounds scary, costs about $2500, and it's not in my foreseeable future.
So, even though I know the best I can really do is camouflage with concealer, I still occasionally try remedies I've heard rumors about (yes, I'm a sucker).
One of those widely circulated remedy rumors (supposedly endorsed by models everywhere) is using hemorrhoid cream to shrink puffy eyes.
Sounds plausible, right? I mean, it functions similarly for hemorrhoids.
I figured, what the heck...I'll give it a go.

After doing a little research (thank you Google), I found that one should use hemorrhoid CREAM, not OINTMENT, which is greasy. Armed with this important info, I picked up some cream on my next shopping trip. Here's what I used:
I only used a small amount. This much is for one eye.
Gently dab it on.
I waited & watched for 10-15 minutes to see if there was any change.
What do you think?
I saw NO difference.
Now, that said, I had put this on AFTER I'd been up for about 30-45 minutes. In other words, perhaps after morning swelling may have already decreased on it's own. So I decided to try again the next morning, immediately upon rising.
Here's my BEFORE picture.
And here are 3 different AFTER shots, from slightly different angles, so you can see that I'm not manipulating perceived results by changing angles.
Can you tell any real difference?
I could NOT.
So, at least for me, chalk this one up to INEFFECTIVE RUMORED REMEDIES!
If you have genuine, salt-induced, lack-of-sleep eye puffiness, perhaps you would have better results? I somehow doubt it.
Have you ever tried this rumored remedy? Any others? Share YOUR results, please.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, there! I learned that the active ingredient in hemorrhoid cream that reduced eye puffiness is no longer in the creams made in the US. I also read it is in the creams made in Canada.