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Saturday, September 1, 2012

$22.50 Lip Balm? Is Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment Worth It?

A couple of months back I stopped in at Sephora for my Beauty Insider Birthday Perk. I was totally excited to get this year's perk, a duo of mini Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments.
One is Rose (a lovely pink tinted shade), and the other is sans color...just plain, clear lip treatment (balm).
The Pros:

  • I really liked the upscale metal tubes.
  • I also liked the slightly lemony scent of both.
  • They both feel really good as you glide them on. They are exceptionally "glide-y". They feel much more emollient than lots of other lip balms. Kind of oily, but in a good way, not a bad way.
Darth stands guard over my lip treatments!
The Cons:
  • It broke. Maybe it was the oiliness I mentioned earlier that contributed to my clear treatment "breaking" without hardly any pressure, nor had it been left in a hot environment or anything. Not good!
  • Cost. $22.50 per tube. Really? It's lip balm! Good lip balm, but still...
The Colors:
 I quickly favored the Rose treatment. The color was light, but it was still there. It was also very shiny.
I took 2 pictures so you could see how they look. This is the "Rose" treatment with nothing else on my lips.
Light color, evident shine
Seems darker here, huh?
For some reason, the color looks slightly different in the 2 pics (perhaps lighting issues?), so I'm putting both up for you.
  You can buy Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment from Sephora by clicking on this link.
If you are a minimalist when it comes to makeup, you will probably love Rose. If you love lip color, this may leave you less than thrilled. I found it to be perfect for rounding out my "less made up" summer look. As I'm preparing for fall and want more color, I've ditched it for something else.
My Decision:
As a lip treatment/balm, this stuff rocks. Seriously. Does it rock enough to pay $22.50 instead of $2-5 for something at the drugstore? Not for me. I will use this up and will not be buying any more. If I could get it for maybe $8-10, I might splurge on it occasionally. Alas, I am cheap! So no more Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment for me.
While at Sephora picking up my B-day perk, I bought this lash comb/brow brush, which I absolutely LOVE. Read more about it HERE.
How much is too much for lip balm? Let me know what YOU think in the Comments.