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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Have You Found YOUR Red Lipstick for Fall?

All over the fashion and beauty blogosphere, it rings out...
this year, fall is all about
Some of my purple for Fall!
 Just as with spring, "they" have chosen to put forth colors I can embrace.
Had "they" chosen chartreuse...well, I don't think so.
But red...and purple? Oh yeah. I can so-go-there!
I tend to get compliments when I wear deep reds. Purples on my eyes make my gray-blue eyes POP.
I can do this.
But I did want to push things a touch. Step out of my comfort zone. Red polish on my toes - no biggie. But red on my lips? Believe it or not, that's not something I remember ever doing. EVER. I've tried a few reds and always felt like it was too much. Kind of like the lip equivalent of wearing a low cut blouse with a push up bra. "Hey everybody, look at these!"
It's my lips, though...not my bits...so okay. It's time.
Off to Ulta.
You know I love Ulta.
I love Sephora, too, but where I'm staying right now while my hubby works out of town, Ulta is about 12 minutes away, while Sephora is about 30. Plus I had a $3.50 of $10 coupon, AND they had the Lorac liner (review coming soon) on sale for LESS than 1/2 price!  Honestly, in my experience, Sephora's beauty consultants are more knowledgeable. But, Ulta has better sales. But, I digress...
Back to my haul.
At Ulta I ask the beauty consultant if I am warm or cool (I honestly have no idea). She doesn't know. Neither does the other consultant she calls over. I tell her I'm wanting my first ever true red lipstick. What shade should I go with? She starts snatching reds from the "prestige" brands and getting them ready for me. The only advice I receive is, "A blue-based red will make your teeth look whiter." I already know this, but thank you...one possibly may not.
I try on red after red after red. After wiping off a LOT of red lipstick, your lips start to chap (which is NOT attractive), AND your face all around your mouth starts to look red, too. SO not attractive.
I finally settle on Stila's "Lover".
It looks the best to me. I feel like it looks a bit pinkish, but they assure me that it is red.
Okay. I like it best. Pinkish red or not.
I get my Lorac liner, my Stila Lover and grab another bottle of Revlon Colorstay.
I need more because my tan has deepened and I need a darker color. Unfortunately, they don't have the shade I need in the "Oily/Combination" formula...just the "Dry/Normal" combination. I get it hoping that it will work okay. After all, my skin is fairly "normal", except in the heat of summer.
(**I will tell you right now that I do NOT love this formula like I do the "Oily/Combination" formula. Read my review HERE. It is too much for my skin. I wish I had waited and bought it elsewhere in the correct formula. Oh well. I'm gonna try to use it and make it work anyway. But I regret it. Rant over.**)
I put my "Lover" on the next day. I like it. It seems to make my gray-blue eyes stand out. But it still seems pinkish to me. That annoys me. I hope it grows on me.
The blunt end is like a crayon's.
So, about the lipstick:
You need to have lips that are in good shape. Chapped lips are no good with this. Yuck.
It calls itself "Long Wear Lip Color - Creme". Long Wear? Yes. But not in the way most of us are used to. When I think long wear, I think "stays put, does not come off". NOT SO WITH THIS.
This stuff will come off on EVERYTHING. Coffee mug. Water bottle. Husband. Kids. Everything.
Even so, this lipstick will still be on YOU at the end of the day, amazingly. I never reapplied, yet I ate a couple of times, drank plenty, etc., and my lips still looked like this right before I washed off my makeup at the end of the night:
After all day wear, including eating/drinking...no reapplication. Seriously.
I don't know how it can stay on me so well, yet get off onto everything else so much. Is it ironic? Oxymoronic? Hmmmm. It's the lipstick that just keeps on giving...yet staying?

This lipstick FEELS okay. It's not drying, nor is it moisturizing. It's just...well...there.
I know now, without a doubt, this girl prefers lip stains with glosses on top. Or just colorful glosses. That's just how I roll. Lipstick is not so much me. But I bought it, so I'm gonna wear it. Period.
What do you think? Do you wear true reds? Do you feel comfortable with them or do you feel like your lips are too "front and center"?
 Are you gonna embrace RED and PURPLE this Fall?
Comment away!