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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Metal pronged lash combs...do you really need one?

I don't remember where, but I read that all of us mascara junkies NEED the metal type lash comb. I have a lash comb/brow brush and honestly, I never use the lash comb because it just doesn't actually do any good. It simply folds my lashes back and doesn't actually go through them, separating them. I use it for brushing my brows only.
Well, I decided when I went to Sephora recently to pick up my Beauty Insider Birthday Perk, which by the way was a fabulous little mini-duo of Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment...1 clear, 1 in Rose...review coming soon...I would see if they had any metal lash combs available at an affordable price.

I asked the consultant if they had one and he took me to one from the Sephora line. It is the SEPHORA COLLECTION Pro Lash & Eyebrow Comb #21. It had little, strong, needle-looking prongs. It looked much different than I expected. It was only $10 and that fits my budget just fine, so I bought it.
Seriously. I feel cheated by all the crappy lash combs I've owned before. Total. Waste. Of. Time. Even the brow brush, which is boar-bristle, is SO much thicker and more plush than any I've owned previously. It's a complete upgrade. I only wish I'd bought it much sooner.
This lash comb will help you not have tarantula eyes. Instead, it will make your lashes look so much more natural, even though they are being boosted by mascara. If I'm in a rush and don't use it, my lashes look ridiculous to me now. I will not go without this brush ever again. If it breaks, is stolen by aliens, the kids use it to trace racetracks in the sand, or gremlins eat it, I will go buy another.
In other words, YES, you really need a metal pronged lash comb!

A few tips:

1.)You gotta have good mascara in the first place (May I recommend Ulta's Legendary Lengths -very affordable, and it performed as well as DiorShow Extase, which you can see in THIS REVIEW).
2.)Time is working against you. Apply the mascara to ONE EYE then comb through. THEN move on to the other eye. Do not do both then go back. Most likely the mascara will be too dry by then on eye #1 to effectively comb through the lashes.
3.)Be careful! You have pointy things near your eyes! Take your time and be on-task when you do this. Don't be talking on the phone, sipping coffee, texting, driving or whatever else. Not while you do this, girlie. No mascara job is impressive from underneath an eye patch!