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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Sugar Free Oreos? Whaaaaaaat?

Flashback: I had a pity party. It was very self-contained. All partying was going on right in my little head. Not a word came out, although I may have been unknowingly making a pouty face. It's SO unfair! There my kids and husband sat stuffing their faces with Oreos...while I tried to ignore their glee and moans of delight.
Stupid Oreos.
Stupid carbs.
Stupid metabolism.
Poor, poor me.
A few days later while picking up the groceries for the week, out of the corner of my eye, I spotted the words "Sugar Free".

I turned and looked closer. Those words were printed on an Oreo box!
Oh my, could it be?!?! I sucked in my breath loud enough to make my husband look to see what was wrong.
Yep, I said it out loud.
I grabbed the box and did what I always do...flipped it over to see the nutrition facts.
YES! These qualify as low carb (for me). 17g total carbs minus 3g fiber, minus 8g sugar alcohol, equals 6g net carbs. I eat some Atkins bars (Cherry Pecan Bar) that have 6g net carbs, on occasion. I can do this! I grabbed it gleefully and put it in the buggy. Yay!
Fast forward: Dinner's over and it's been a bit. The family has decided they want desert, so they start doling out Popsicles or whatever sugar-laden junk they chose. I remember my Oreos and hope that they will not disappoint. I grab two. (Yes, the serving size is 2. Best to just get out 2 and close the box back up and not tempt yourself beyond reason.) I grab a cup of coffee because I don't drink cow's milk (has sugar) and I don't have any unsweetened almond milk on hand. But I REALLY want to have a drink with my Oreos, so coffee will have to do.
I'm wondering what these babies are gonna taste like. I take a small bite.
Here's my findings:
They taste like Oreos. Normal Oreos. I detect no difference. If you just ate a handful of full-sugar Oreos and then switched to these, you might taste a difference. I have no idea. I don't eat regular Oreos. What I do know is that these taste AMAZING. Just like I remember a regular Oreo tasting. I'm soooo NOT disappointed!
The texture is the same, too. It has the same amount of crunch I remember. Yummmy!
They do seem a touch smaller than regular Oreos.
Also, I had no gastric distress at all (although everyone is different and you might, possibly). Those of you who eat sugar alcohols know what I'm talking about. Too many sugar alcohols and nobody will want to be around you!
The box holds a lot less than regular Oreos have. There's 8 servings, total. That's 16 cookies in the whole package. I paid $2.68 for the box at Walmart. It wasn't located near the regular Oreos. It was near the sugar free cookies (Murray's and the others) on the cookie aisle.
My verdict: These are awesome...with one problem...2 cookies are NOT enough! You will want more. Do NOT eat them out of the box. Get out 2 and close the box back up and put it away. Tell someone to talk you down if you go back for more. Tell them to stand between you and the cabinet and remind you of that bikini in the closet.
Take your time and eat those 2 slowly. Or maybe have them with some almond milk, which will help fill you up. They were quite good with coffee, BTW. Or crush them up and sprinkle them on top of some Carb Smart Vanilla Ice Cream for a super-indulgent, every-once-in-a-great-while treat.
I won't buy these often because they are higher in net carbs than I really need to eat. They are also really hard to control myself around...and not eat more than 2 at a time. But they make a great occasional splurge. We can only hope that manufacturers are picking up on the fact that lots of us are avoiding sugars/carbs. Maybe we will see more products that are Sugar Free and taste great. One can hope!
Have you found any Sugar Free versions (not homemade) that are REALLY good?
Do share!