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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Art Fun...No Mess! BIG Crayola Summer Fun Giveaway

This summer, as many of you know, we are living in a 5th wheel camper down in South Florida. While there is LOTS to do down here (and boy have we done lots!), there are times when it seems to rain with no end in sight. Like when Tropical Storm Debbie settled right on us and sat here for days. When those kinds of days happen, it is NOT fun to be stuck in a 41' trailer with 3 kids. Thank goodness Crayola rescued us from our boredom! And with great products that are both fun and NOT messy. After all, we just recently bought our 5th wheel and we don't want marker or paint all over everything. Let's face it, with little ones, even with the best of intentions, stuff happens. But not with Crayola Color Wonder! Learn more about Crayola Color Wonder HERE.
Here's the fab stuff they sent us to try out. Cool, huh!?!

GiGi used this Color Wonder set above to do this....
and created this.
Jada used this Dry Erase Travel Pack...
to do this...
and created this.
GiGi especially loved using her favorite, the Color Wonder On The Go Tiny Tube...
to create cool scenes like this.
The best part? The fun they have using these Crayola products.
The second best part? I didn't have to worry a bit about marker or paint ending up where it shouldn't. See how GiGi could "color" in the Color Wonder Barbie Mini Coloring Pad wherever she wanted...even on the couch?
And here's Jada, right on the steps in our 5th wheel, coloring away on the Barbie set, too.
I didn't have to direct her back to the table. She's not gonna make any messes on the carpet with Color Wonder!
Here she is all comfy on Daddy's special Star Wars pillow. And it's OK! No worries with Color Wonder.
Would you like to try out all these cool Crayola products? You're in luck. It's giveaway time!

The winner's Crayola Summer Fun gift pack will contain:
  • Crayola Color Wonder On the Go Tiny Tubes
  • Color Wonder Coloring Pad
  • Color Wonder Barbie Mini Coloring Pad and Markers
  • Color Wonder Drawing Pad and Markers
  • Dry Erase Travel Pack
  • Dry Erase Zany Play
  • Princess and the Frog Mess Free Color Wonder Activity Sets

Then you can create your own special artwork, just like we did!
I got in on the action, too, making a birthday painting for Hubby using my fave, the Color Wonder PAINT (yes, paint!) that comes in this...

Jada's favorite, BTW, was this Dry Erase Zany Play Activity Center:
 Enter to win today!

Disclosure: The information, products and additional Crayola Summer Fun gift pack was provided by Crayola® through MyBlogSpark. My opinion, however, is always my own and represents my honest assessment of the products.

Love & appreciate Crayola like we do?

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