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Monday, July 30, 2012

Dry Summer Skin? True Blue Spa is AWESOME!

I'm at the pool with the kiddos nearly every single day. After all, staying in an RV leaves you with limited options! As I started spending more and more time out in the sun, and in the chlorinated pool, my skin began to dry out. I had been fighting it with my usual skin moisturizer, Victoria's Secret Body Butter. It was doing a decent job, but then I ran out. So, off to The Falls Mall in South Miami. Very pretty mall, by the way. See pic way below.
I decided I wanted a coconutty type smell this time. Victoria's Secret didn't have an intense moisturizer (no body butter) in the Coconut Passion scent I craved, so off to Bath and Body Works.
There, with a friend's help, I discovered the True Blue Spa line.

My friend told me that it was a very rich line that was ultra moisturizing. I tried out the tester and felt how rich and creamy it was. AND it was "buy 2 get 2 free". Yay! So, I bought 2 of the Super Rich Shower Creams and 2 of the Super Rich Body Creams.
I am in love with both of these products.
Let me lay it out for you, starting with the shower cream.
This much squeezed out on my bathing gloves is plenty to lather up my whole body.
It feels different from the start. Rich and thick and creamy. Yet, it suds up really nice. The lather you see on my leg below is indicative of the suds all over.
It's kinda hard to describe but you just feel like your rubbing lotion all over yourself, not soap. Yet there are bubbles. I don't know how they do it.
It smells divine, like buttercream icing. Not strongly, though. It's a gentle scent.
And when you rinse off, you feel as though you already have lotion on. It's wonderful! I adore this body wash. I think I'm a life-long convert.
Now, on to the body cream.
It's thick. I mean THICK. After all, it's got Shea Butter. Here's how I advise applying it.
When you're done showering, don't dry off. Simply blot your body lightly, leaving lots of water still on you. You don't want to be dripping everywhere, but you still want to be wet. Like you see here.
This does several things. One, it allows you to use much less. Because you're wet, the cream will glide over your wet body easily and smooth over a larger area with less cream...and using less time to do so(quicker!). This method is also how you apply body oils without ending up super-duper greasy, BTW.
This amount covers one full leg well. Or both arms. Or your entire torso.
Also, when you are still damp, you are actually sealing in that moisture. You get much more bang for your buck by using the "wet application" method.
So, this cream has very little smell, but if I were to assign it a scent, I would say it's like cocoa butter. Since I was really wanting that coconutty scent, I decided to spray the Victoria's Secret Coconut Passion over myself after applying the cream. It's a Coconut and Vanilla scent. Nice and summery.
Now I've got the intense moisture I want with the scent I longed for. Yesssss!
The Falls Mall - has a lovely stream running through it.
We spend a LOT of time at the pool.
My purchasing advice: at $15 for 6 oz. of the Super Rich Body Cream and $15 for 10 oz. of the Super Rich Shower Cream, do like me and wait for a sale. I don't know how often they have the really good one where you can buy 2 and get 2 free, so maybe sign up for email notices?

And a big "Thank You" to Alisha P. for introducing me to the awesomeness of True Blue Spa. I enjoyed spending my summer with you and your girls!