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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Stila Stay All Day Eye Liner...Well, Does It?

So you already know that I've been hunting "the" eyeliner.

I used Ulta's refund policy and exchanged the Essence Liner I reviewed previously, because it was not waterproof, and DID transfer to the tops of my eyes.
After speaking with a couple of the helpful employees, I decided to try out
Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner.

It supposedly covered my 3 wishes:
1) not a pencil (I dislike pencil liners, I much prefer to use a brush so I can quickly control the width of the line, plus I'm just used to using a brush)
2) would not transfer to my top lid
3) would work on my waterline/inner rim

I was assured by the lovely lady helping me that this would NOT transfer to my upper eyelid and that it should perform fairly well on the waterline, too.
(She had it on her uppers, but not on the waterline, and it looked great on her.)

At $20, I hoped I wouldn't be let down.
And I wasn't, for the most part.
Here are my "before" shots:

And here are a few better shots showing the waterline:

About use on the waterline:
This eyeliner didn't want to "stick" to the waterline, even during application. I managed to get a decent yet fine line right near the lash line/edge. I couldn't get a broad line to stick no matter what.
But, it looked pretty good, so I went with it as it was.

I checked it a few times throughout the day, half expecting to need to dab or tissue off runs.
Gladly, I didn't need to.

Here are my "after" shots:

And a few "after" shots of the waterline:

So you will notice that the waterline didn't last very well.
But then, it wasn't very heavy to start with, either.
I'm thinking that if I want to line my inner eye, perhaps I'm going to need to buy a
specialty liner, such as
At any rate, I'm keeping this liner. I really like it a lot, except for the fact that it doesn't work very well on the inner lid.
It was easy for me to use, lasted 12+ hours, didn't transfer, created a nice, bold, black line, came off easily with face wash,
and could either create a super fine line, or be built up into a thick line
(thanks to it's very fine, precise tip).

As always, I love comments and am open to whatever eyeliner tips/comments you might want to share...especially if you have experience with Tarte's EmphasEYES Inner Rim Eye Pencil.
Thanks guys!


Anonymous said...

Gel eyeliner. You can use a brush, it stays well, and goes on clean. The help you waterline to stay on put black shadow over it too. Also alot of the bottom waterline transfers to the top so line both( also makes your lashes appear longer and fuller)

Jean said...

Thanks for the advice! Do you mean to put black shadow over the top of the liner on the waterline? Also, what gel eyeliner brand have you used with success? The one gel I tried didn't do very well. Thanks!

Kathy Radigan said...

I was taught a trick last year that I love. It takes some practice but put the liner on the inside of the top lid, it will transfer to the bottom and it will really pop you eyes! Thanks for the review, I've always liked Stila products! Thanks! Great to find you on voiceBoks. Happily following you, I look forward to more mom reviews!

ReviewsSheROTE Pamela R said...

wonderful review....I'm a bit leary when it comes to eyeliner-but this looks really nice on you =)

Jean said...

A big welcome to you Kathy R! I'd heard of that tip, but when I tried to line the top inner, my eyes just water profusely :(
Maybe with some practice?
Pamela, thank you! That's sweet -- both compliments.

The Pepperrific Life said...

Eyeliner does bring out the beauty of the eye. I just have to practice applying it, though! :). It's good that there are products like that which make for easy application.

Jean said...

Hey guys, just want to throw out some info here that may be important. I tried the tip listed here in comments, to put a little black eye shadow over top of eyeliner on the waterline. Within a day I had irritated eyes, and by the day after that I had a lot of redness, what felt like a stye, and crustiness for several mornings (yes, gross, sorry). I can't say for certain that it was caused by this, but I do think it was. I think the eye shadow powder clogged up & irritated my eye ducts. So, consider yourself warned, ladies!

j9maus said...

Just learned this tip from my eye doctor. After using makeup remover, put some baby shampoo on your finger to wash your eyelids. This will remove makeup oils and residue the remove leaves behind. Your eyes should feel better each morning!

Jean said...

j9, that's a fab tip. Makes sense to use baby shampoo/wash since it is so mild & non-drying. Since I have a little one who still uses baby shampoo, I've got some on hand already. I really appreciate your helpful comment. Thanks!

JasmineBloom said...

Stila is my absolute favorite liquid eyeliner, I think it is the best for making wings or cat eye :)