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Monday, January 9, 2012

Longwearing Eyeliner? Essence Gel Eyeliner Review

I am currently trending toward heavy eyeliner.
I love the cat-eye look, reminiscent of the 60's and of one of my fave celebs: Audrey Hepburn.

After figuring out how to apply the eyeliner to achieve this look (thank you youtube! see below), I realized my eyeliner didn't stay put throughout the day. Somehow, it had enough energy to migrate to the crease and top of my eye. I tried a little powder on top, which helped some, but not enough; however, I didn't like the lighter color that method produced anyway.
So, I figured I better get me some long wearing/waterproof eyeliner. Here's a great video tutorial on cat eyeliner:

Let me say right here that I do NOT like pencil liners at all for this look. Using a brush is much quicker and easier to achieve this thicker look, in my opinion. So I figured I'd better look for long wear/waterproof eyeliners in gels or creams so I could use my wonderful Bare Escentuals "Rock & Roll" brush.
Fortunately, I received an Ulta gift card from my sweet hubby for Christmas, so I already knew where I would buy this new acquisition. I headed off to their website, which happens to have product reviews. I searched around and discovered the Essence line. It's a very inexpensive makeup line. I found a waterproof gel eyeliner in the line that had great reviews. Best part: the cost was only $3.49! I searched around and found a few other things I wanted to buy...but more on that another day.

Off to Ulta I went and found the items I wanted. Happily armed with new beauty booty, I headed home, excited to try out my stuff.
Some supplies I used: hand mirror, smudger, gel liner, mascara, Rock & Roll brush, Q-tip.
The next day, I applied it. (Day #1 is blue eyeshadow)

It took a little getting used to. I'm used to eyeliner that brushes on but leaves you with time to smudge, correct, etc. This stuff has a small window of opportunity before it "sets". Since it did set so well, I figured it ought not to budge a bit during the day. I even applied it to my "waterline" (inner eye rim).

Unfortunately, as the day came to a close and I checked my eyeliner, it didn't stay set after all. See the transfer to the tops of my lids?
See the "waterline" shots below? It lasted in some spots, but didn't in most, plus it oozed down the corners, as you can see.

Weird thing is, I had to use makeup remover to get it all off. So, basically, half of it transfers, runs and comes off, while the other half sticks to you like superglue, refusing to budge when you're ready for it to go away. Go figure.
I decided to give it another chance and do a slightly different look. (Day #2 is golden eyeshadow).

I did NOT use the liner on my "waterline" or inner eye rim, but instead put it on the lower lashline. I also applied the top liner thinner, with no "wing".
The results were still about the same.
Some oozing & smudging at the outer corner... 
...and definite transfer to the top of the eye.
Well, back to the drawing board!
Essence waterproof gel liner was decent, especially for only $3.49, but it doesn't last all day. You'll have to do "tissue touch-ups" throughout the day.

Do you have any experience with a gel or cream eyeliner that doesn't run or transfer to other parts of your eye? Please let me know below.


Byn Always said...

Wow! An honest review with photos and everything. I LIKE it! My daughter and I love makeup and I hate spending $$ on things that don't live up to the hype... thank you!!

Jean said...

Thanks Byn. That's what I want to do...give the kind of reviews that *I* want to see and read: the kind that are truly helpful!

Anonymous said...

Hard Candy liquid liner in black. Trust me it WILL NOT BUDGE. Takes a few seconds longer to dry staNding infront of a fan helps. Their mascaras really stick too. This brand is sold at Wal-Mart. Next your waterlines line them bith with gel then go over with black shadow.

Jean said...

Oh, wow, wish I'd have found out about Hard Candy sooner. I could've saved myself some dough! I'll have to give it a try soon. Thanks!

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Anonymous said...

i love the review along with the detailed pictures <3