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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

How To Protect Your Hair From Heat Styling - Inexpensively

If you use a blow dryer, flat iron, or curling iron, you really should use a heat protection product. They are simple to use, yet they really help protect your hair from the damage that intense heat inflicts. You are not required to spend a great deal of money to protect your hair, either. Suave makes a fabulous heat protection spray that they claim to be as effective as Redken Hot Sets 22. It's called "Suave Professionals Heat Protection Spray".

Why I recommend it:
  • It is pleasantly, lightly scented with a sort of fruity smell. It is not heavily scented at all.
  • It seems to do the job effectively. I use it before I blow dry, spraying liberally all over my hair and combing through . It can also be sprayed on sections of hair before applying a flat or curling iron, although the directions specify that you should blast the section with the blow dryer to assure the section is not damp before using the hot tools.
  • It doesn't weigh down the hair, nor is it tacky or sticky.
  • It has a reliable sprayer, unlike the Pantene Pro-V Heat Protection & Shine Spray I tried, which simply sprayed out like a garden hose in very nearly a soaking stream.
  • (I detested that suped-up looking spray nozzle, which looked quite fancy but worked most horribly. It was also awkward on the wrist and made me feel as though I were doing wrist aerobics trying to spray my hair with that silly trigger function.)

  • It is very inexpensive. You should be able to score this for a couple of dollars at your local discount store. Bonus: Suave is fairly consistent about putting coupons in the Sunday paper about once a month. Use one of those to save even more. 

    So now that you are armed with the necessary information, you have no excuse. Get out there and get yourself some heat protection for those beautiful tresses!

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