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Friday, February 24, 2012

It's Potent! Eye Cream...Is It, Actually?

I detest my genetically inherited dark undereye circles. I'm forevermore trying to find a product that will help diminish them, if not make them disappear completely (a girl can dream, right?). They really age me and make me look like I'm tired and haggard. Doesn't matter how much sleep I get. Really, I've come to expect that there isn't anything out there to treat this, short of seeing a plastic surgeon, but I keep hoping that the great minds of cosmetic science will stumble upon the answer to this dillemma that a great many of us gals (& guys) have. So when the sweet rep at Ulta gushed about how fab Benefit's It's Potent! Eye Cream was, and how she herself used it with great results, I was suckered in.
My main eye issue is the darkness, not really crow's feet or such. So this review is centered around that aspect, not others. I will go ahead and tell you that it's super creamy, smells lightly nice, seems highly moisturizing, but it DID tend to sting my eye. It kept stinging many times even though I was very careful after the 1st time to make sure I didn't get it in my eye, just around my eye.
I started using the product 4 weeks ago. I applied it to my right eye only (your left as you look at the pics) and had my left eye as my "control" eye (only my standard face moisturizer went on it). Oh how I hoped and looked and stared and wanted for there to be some change, some difference.

What do you think?

Yeah, I don't see any difference either.

Another one bites the dust.

Save your $32 if you want dark circle reduction. If you want eye moisture & wrinkle repair, perhaps this might be a winner for you. I know a LOT of ladies swoon over this cream, as the reviews on Benefit's website will attest.
Maybe I'm just unlucky? Or didn't use it long enough? Or have rebellious skin? My sample has run out, so I can't continue to use it and see if more time gets better results. But I'll bet I'd have seen SOME change in 4 weeks if there was gonna be one.
I've got one more dark circle eye cream I picked up the other day that I'm about to start testing. After this next one, I'm done. I give up all hope that there exists a non-surgical solution to this problem. I guess I'll start saving up for a trip to my local dermatologist. By the time I save up enough for a procedure, I'll probably be old enough to need a complete face lift! Perhaps this next cream will be magical...but I doubt it. Until then, concealer is a girl's best friend!