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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Inexpensive, Great Socks for Beginner to Moderate Runners

 I'm fairly new to the world of running,
having begun my "Couch to 5K" training in May 2013.
great inexpensive socks for moderate athletes
I now run regularly, usually around 3.3 miles, 3 times a week. So I consider myself a "moderate runner". I've learned a few things, though I still have much to learn.
In the beginning, I didn't want to purchase expensive equipment till I knew I would stick with it.
Money is tight around this house,
so I need to make it really count, ya know?

I started off with my old, worn out, Champion athletic shoes, and a pair of the ankle socks I had in the drawer.
After about a week of building up to short sprints, I started to get blisters. Ouch!
So, I decided to wear TWO pairs of socks at once.
That worked just fine, BTW.
I recommend it if you're just starting out, really broke, or in a laundry predicament of some sort.
It's better than blisters!
Anyways, I really began to like the rush of running, so I committed myself to the Color Run 5K 
I went to be properly fitted for quality running shoes that were just right for me and my feet.
Thanks Run-N-Tri of Mobile, Alabama! 
My Saucony Ride 6 shoes have served me well so far :)
After that, I decided to go pick up some socks. I didn't want the expensive, fancy compression socks that were at RNT. I was feeling slightly shocked by the amount I had just spent on the shoes, having never spent that much on shoes before, so my frugality demanded less expensive socks.
Off to Academy.
I looked around for a bit and decided to try New Balance. I liked the height, the thickness, and the cost.
They were supposed to provide "stability fit" arch support (seems to work well for me), plus they had Lightning Dry® moisture management AND breathable side vent panels. Works for me, too!
It's great that they are Made in the USA, too. Go USA!
So I bought them. They had reinforced heel and toe zones and a good, stretchy fit. Even after 9 months, they still have the same fit/shape.
NOTE: You are NOT supposed to bleach these, nor use any type of fabric softener with them, or it will effect their moisture wicking ability. Consider yourself warned.
I continued on with my training, working up to being able to run that full 5K by October 2013. And I always favored those New Balance socks. So much so, that I went back and bought another pack, exactly the same. So now I have 6 pairs, which is enough for now. But if I ever need more, I'll be buying those again.
For a beginner to moderate runner like me, these are great.
If you are a Marathoner, or someone who runs great distances, you may need those expensive compression socks.
For the rest of us, these ought to do just fine.
What running gear is a must have for you?

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Becca Solack said...

I'm just starting a fitness journey of my own. I had no idea special socks even existed...