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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Amazing Concealer Reviewed on Eyes & Flaws

When I was in South Florida a little under 2 years ago, I developed a deep, dark tan & found myself needing a much darker shade of concealer. I found the nearest Ulta and went to find a shade that would match my new hue.
Having no clue what to buy, because I'd never been that tan in my life, I had to go with a prestige brand, because those you get to try out in the store.

 There were several I tried out, but I was most happy with Amazing Concealer. They had my exact shade match, plus it seemed that it was not too thick, which is my biggest issue with many concealers.

Typically, if they cover flaws well enough, they're too thick and look awful on my under eyes.
Here you see several spots that need covering...a sunspot, an older acne scar and a fresh zit. (yes, yuck)
Here, you can see how well it covered those flaws.

This one was pretty good. Not perfect, mind you, but pretty dang good.
My EXTREME close up. You can see all my eye lines!

I purchased "tan". I used it happily for all my concealing needs. 
Eventually, I came back to Alabama, found an actual winter awaiting me, and my tan slowly faded. 
Back to my Ulta here in Mobile, I had to find a new shade of Amazing.
This time around, Medium Beige was the right tint.
I bought it in the smaller version..."Little Amazing Concealer", which runs you $28 at Ulta.
It's a good concealer, for sure, but is it worth $28 for that small tube? 
First, let me tell you that unless you use TONS of concealer on a daily basis, this is going to last you a LONG time. So, that makes the cost a little more palatable.

Second, if you purchase 3 or 4 "cheap" concealers trying to match up colors in a drugstore brand, you may end up spending the same amount in the long run.

Third, it does a great job covering and it isn't so thick it looks all cakey under your eyes. That ability's worth is kinda hard to quantify.

However, when I bought this both times before, I had a little extra money to burn. Money is tighter for me now, so I think, when this runs out, I'll be giving some drugstore brands a try. AND, I'll buy them at Ulta, which has a very generous return policy on ALL it's cosmetics. That way, if the color is bad, I can simply switch it out.

I'd love to know if you have found a wonderful concealer that is affordable, thick enough to cover acne, yet thin enough to not cake up on under eye lines. 
Drop me a comment. 
Maybe I'll buy your recommendation NEXT!