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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Living Proof No Frizz Line Review

Living on the Gulf Coast and having naturally wavy/curly hair can be a hideous thing.
I seem to battle frizz more often than not.
I was very excited to try the Living Proof (supposedly a HIGHLY scientific brand) "frizz" line (pronounced "no frizz").
I bought the trial size kit from Sephora for $29 and had high hopes that this would be Holy Grail anti-frizz stuff.

What I used:
frizz shampoo (8oz $24)
frizz conditioner (8oz $24)
frizz styling cream (8oz $36)
I followed all directions, using them in conjunction, and used an ample amount of the styling cream.
My first impressions:
My hair actually seemed a bit drier and poufier, and also less shiny. Although, unlike some reviews I've read on Sephora's site, my hair was NOT flat, greasy, weighed down, nor felt dirty.
However, it certainly did NOT help calm my initial frizz, and actually seemed to work less well than what I had been using (the Bain de Terre Macadamia Oil line).
I went ahead and used my straightener, which I'll admit I don't do often.
Typically, using my dryer with my big round brush smooths my hair out nicely without having to use the straightener.
My hair did straighten out nicely and looked very shiny, healthy and mostly frizz-free.
Of course, the product didn't do that, my straightener and effort did that.
But would the product help my hair STAY that way?
It was a 93% humidity day.
Here's how my hair looked at the START of the day, after styling.
Here's how it looked at the very end of the day.
Seems like it kept my hair fairly frizz-free, despite the high humidity. You can see in the pic below the type of mild frizz I ended up with (and yes, for me, this is mild frizz). Normally, my hair turns into a big fuzzy pouf.
But what about second-day hair?
Here's my BEFORE shots on second-day hair, with a humidity of 89%. Notice I had some slight waves that developed overnight.
And my AFTER shots on second-day hair.
I had more frizz, but it was still pretty impressive...especially my bangs. They, being shorter, are usually the first thing to start curling and frizzing up.

Now, what about if you don't straighten your hair?
Here are my BEFORE shots when I let my hair air dry with my natural waves/curls.
Here are my AFTER shots at the end of the day.
This product didn't do A THING to help my hair in it's natural, curly state.
It frizzed up to high heaven.
What did I learn?
For me, this did NOT help de-frizz/smooth my hair.
However, once smoothed and straightened with heat, it DID help KEEP it that way.
In other words, it seemed to help lock out humidity, but didn't actually smooth down my frizz-prone hair in the first place.

And I can only GUESS, but I'm thinking that since my hair was a bit poufy, dry, and such, that the product might be better suited for frizz-prone FINE hair. I'm thinking that it helps add volume while also stopping frizz?? Not sure, but that's my guess about what they're going for with this product. Since I don't need volume, this isn't best for my hair.
Considering the price of these products, I'll pass.
If you want to see if this line works for you, especially if you have fine hair, I recommend trying out the trial set before sinking so much money into something that may not work for you.
Have you used any Living Proof products? What was your experience? I also tried out their Prime Style Extender, which you can read about HERE.