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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Pixi Eye Bright Primer Review

  Once upon a time,
I received a deluxe sized sample of
Pixi Eye Bright Primer
in one of my beauty box subbies (Birchbox or Glossybox, don't remember which).
I wasn't really sure what to do with it, because the packaging wasn't very clear, so I used it as a shadow primer AND as an under eye concealer.

The coloring was perfect for me as a concealer. It happened to be just exactly the right shade. It worked fabulously.
I really liked it...enough to go and buy the full size at Target for $15. 
With a few clicks, the product comes out the tip of the sponge/wand type applicator tip, as seen above.
Armed with the full size, I used it as I had been, as both a primer for shadow AND a concealer. Only, for whatever reason, the full size was thicker in consistency than the sample had been.
It looked quite thick and overdone on my under eye now.
You can see the thickness in the above pic.
In the pics above, you can see how it settles in fine lines and "chicken skin" under the eye and makes it more pronounced. Not good.
Here it is after I've applied shadow & mascara.
I wouldn't have paid $15 for an eye shadow primer, so I feel cheated.
 I can't really blame Pixi, because they don't label this product as a concealer, THAT was my bad.
 But I still don't understand how the sample's consistency could be so much thinner than the full size product.
I will use it as a shadow primer, rather than wasting it, and it does seem to do a pretty good job as far as shadow primers go.
From a distance, you can't tell as much that it is too thick.
I've heard that Hard Candy & ELF make very good, much cheaper eye shadow primers.
Specifically, I've been told that ELF Studio Eye Primer ($3) is very close to the coveted Urban Decay Primer Potion, though I can't speak for it myself. I've also read great things about the L'Oreal De-crease Primer ($8.99).
Since I don't have much issue with eye shadow staying power, I'd go with one of these cheaper primers from now on. It's just not worth the splurge for me.
So, for me, Pixi Eye Bright Primer is not worth it.
Which eye shadow primer do you use and how do you like it?