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Friday, September 27, 2013

Freeman Facial Paper Masks Fail

I bought these items through my Ipsy subscription. I pay for the subscription, and therefore paid for these items. I receive no compensation for this post. My opinion is entirely my own.
Generally, I like Freeman's masks. Over the years I've bought several different kinds and enjoyed using them. I was excited to receive these 3 different masks in my September Ipsy Bag.

I first applied the "Facial Brightening Paper Mask in Rose".
My problem...look and see:
Apparently the mask was created for people whose eyes are so closely set together that they must nearly be cross-eyed? 
Look at how this thing was trying to seal my eye up. And see how the strip over the nose just stretched and deteriorated as I tried to get the thing to NOT cover my eyes up?
And look at how poorly it fit to the sides of my face. Half my cheek/jawline is completely uncovered.
I thought possibly it was a one-time error and held out hope that the next 2 would do better.
Not so.
This is the "Facial Purifying Paper Mask in Star Fruit".
Notice that the piece over the nose broke?
Again, even with gentle stretching, I just cant get it to stay off my eyes. The solution was getting into my eyes and burning, so I quickly took it off and washed my face before my eyes felt like they were on fire.
Disappointed a good bit at this point, I hoped that the last one, "Facial Hydrating Paper Mask in Blue Agave" would be usable.
This one DID seem to be a slight bit larger than the other 2, but it still didn't fit.
Again, the solution was beginning to drip into my eyes and sting.
Notice that this time the mask didn't tear over the nose, at least? But it still was an exceptionally POOR fit, and ended up completely useless. I had to pull it off quickly and rinse my face to keep my eyes from burning.
The weird thing -- some of the other ladies on Ipsy's website who reviewed these masks never mentioned the poor fit. They seemed to love them. ?????
There were, however, quite a number of others who complained that these seemed as though they were sized for children or something.
It could've been some kind of freak manufacturing error, I guess.
Not gonna waste my money on anymore, though.
I think I'll just stick with the kind of mask you slather on...like Juice Beauty's Green Apple Peel Sensitive. Review coming on that one soon!
What masks do you like using?