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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Want White Teeth? Will Distinctly White Work?

I received a free product from BzzAgent.com. They sent me a box of Luster Premium White Distinctly White Dual Action Whitening System to try out, free of charge. I received no compensation for this post. My opinion is entirely my own.
It's been a while since I had a teeth whitening treatment. Like, several YEARS. I need it.
I don't smoke or drink wine, but I do drink 2 cups of coffee every day. And I eat tomatoes and other such "culprits" that supposedly discolor your teeth. So, yeah, even though I always use whitening toothpaste regularly, I could definitely use a good whitening procedure.
That's why I was so excited to have received the Distinctly White System.

What you do:
Rinse your mouth with a special "Accelerator Mouth Rinse" for 15 seconds (I used a little medicine cup to measure mine).
Carefully paint on the Super Whitener Gel. It goes on the front 6 teeth...both uppers & lowers. Do NOT get on tongue, gums or lips. (Yeah, don't do that it. It kinda burns.)
Contort your mouth into a heinous open-mouthed look of horror and try not to drool on yourself, nor swallow the product, while you give it 30 seconds to dry.
Not a fun look!
Allow the whitener to do its job for 10 minutes.
You are supposed to use it 12 total times.
You are supposed to see a difference after 4 treatments.
I did all 12 treatments in order to take my "after" pics.
I did not see any difference...sadly.
Do you see a difference? I couldn't see any in real life, nor in photos.
I was let down.
Perhaps its time to let an actual dentist help me get things whitened up again?
Although, I did use Crest Whitening Strips a long time ago and they were effective. I wonder if they are still effective?
Can you recommend a great tooth whitening system?