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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

HAIR: Summery Beach Waves? Alterna Bamboo Boho Waves Review

In a recent beauty box subscription I received
a deluxe sized sample of
Alterna's Bamboo
Boho Waves spray
I was excited to try it out. I've never used a "Beach Waves" hair styling product before, except for a homemade recipe I found online, which didn't really work for me.

I do have thick, somewhat naturally wavy hair that I usually blow out straight with my trusty big, round brush.
But, in the summer months here in the Deep South, the humidity is KILLER (you Southern Girls know what I mean), so I often don't even try to smooth out my hair.
I was ready to see if this product might be a help to me in the months to come. After all, I opened it up to smell it, and I really liked the very soft, gentle scent...but would it actually work?
What I did: washed my hair, added my usual hair oil, went to bed with it still damp, and woke up with it wavy and somewhat frizzy. I used a pick to kind of brush through it for tangles, then began to simply spray the Boho Waves into my hair, flipping it upside down, too, so that I would get the under layers as well.
I must say, I really liked the look I ended up with. If my hair always had such nice beach waves, I would forgo the blow dryer a LOT more often.
And boy, was it a lot easier to fix this way! Not to mention NO heat damage from the blow dryer ;)
It seemed to enhance my waves some, but to me, the main thing it did was provide separation (chunky texture?). It gave me defined waves, instead of just puffy, wavy hair. It seemed to give some volume, though not too much. It claims to impart shine, as well, but I'm not really sure if it did that. 
I really don't think this is going to create magical waves in the hair of someone with stick-straight hair. I think this is more for people who already have some available waves...for them to make the most of those waves and get the defined waves that most people know as "beachy waves".
What's your favorite hair styling product?