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Thursday, June 14, 2012

ChicWrap: Plastic Wrap Made GREAT. Seriously. Giveaway!

Would you let your younger kid tear off some plastic wrap?

Me neither. Those vicious serrated metal strips have claimed far too many victims.

 I often cut (or at least scratch) myself on those, so there's no way I'd let one of my younger children risk it. Plus, you know as well as I do, chances are, while they are trying to get the plastic wrap torn off, they'd probably end up with a stuck-together mess that we'd have to throw away, anyhow.
But guess what? Those days are over for me...and they can be for you too! Watch my video below.

ChicWrap contacted me to try out their plastic wrap dispenser and blog a review about it. That takes either: a)GUTS - you're willing to let it all hang out...or b)CONFIDENCE - you KNOW you have a fabulous product that will get a great review. I can tell you that with ChicWrap, it's "b". They have confidence in their product, and it's well deserved.
Here's why:

The ZipSafe Slide Cutter

Non-skid Rubber Feet

 Sustainable Wipe-clean Box

6 Beautiful, Unique Box Designs to Choose From
Cook's Tools
Modern Dots

And Triangles...
which I chose because they look great with my colorful Fiesta dishes
When you hold the box in your hands, you know immediately that this is well-made, durable, high-quality stuff that you will use for years (that makes it "green" too). It's SO worth the $9.99. Order your own ChicWrap in whatever design you like HERE.
The box has very simple "directions" printed right on the bottom.

While your new ChicWrap box comes with 250' of professional plastic wrap that clings tighter and holds longer, you can use other plastic wrap in the dispenser, too. Or, you can order more from ChicWrap when you run out. You can get four rolls of the professional quality plastic wrap for $15.99. ($3.99 per roll).
Also, you can feel good knowing your money is helping OUR economy, because ChicWrap is manufactured in the U.S. and assembled by the Exceptional Children's Foundation - PAR services in Los Angeles.
Want to WIN your own ChicWrap? I'll bet you do!
US Residents 18+ enter via the Rafflecopter below.

(Disclosure: ChicWrap provided me with the products for this review, as well as the prize for the giveaway. My opinions, as always, are my own and represent my true feelings about the product.)

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