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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Ready for a New Year of Fun? Help the Girls in Your Life Have Fun All Year Long!

If you are subscriber to my YouTube channel,
then you are undoubtedly acquainted with my daughters, Jada and GiGi. If you're not a subscriber, what are you waiting for?!? Click here to subscribe now! 
The Boodle Box 2 for girls 11 and up
They have been doing Unboxing videos of the monthly subscription box for girls, The Boodle Box, for quite some time now, and it is truly a big splash of fun each month for them. Here's their latest, the January 2016 preview:

They adore The Boodle Box and LOVE getting their boxes in the mail each month.
You remember how awesome it was to get mail when you were a kid, right?
Well, just imagine getting a box full of goodies picked out just for your age & stage...every month!
It is truly one of the best gifts a girl could get.
subscription box for girls
Now, I know Christmas has come and gone, and the gifts have been given, but if someone received money as a gift...or someone maybe hasn't yet had the chance to gift the girl in their life...or maybe a birthday is coming (like Jada's!), then don't delay another day.
Great gift for girls
The boxes ALWAYS have a retail value far greater than what you pay, and that doesn't even take into account the cost of the box, bonus items like candy or the shipping expense.
It's a really good deal.
Amazing Subscription Box for kids
So, if you're ready to give the gift of fun year-round, head over to
The Boodle Box and register today!
Put code "504" in the Promo Code Box so they will know you found them through us, please.
What's your favorite thing about subscription box services?
What would you change about them if you could?
Disclosure: I receive a free Boodle Box subscription for review purposes. I receive no other compensation for this review, and my opinion (and my girls') is, as always, my/their own.