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Friday, July 10, 2015

Goodebox Summer Bonus Box! Totally worth $20!

Goodebox is a wonderful subscription box service that sends you natural beauty and wellness products each month for $21 per month. There are discounts if you choose 3, 6, or 12 month options...bringing the price down as low as $18 per month.
Goodebox Natural Beauty and Wellness Subscription Box
This was my June 2015 Goodebox
 I've been very pleased so far with the monthly offerings, and the July box that I just got is no exception.
But what I really want to talk about now is their Bonus Boxes.
Every so often, if you've given them your email, you will get a notification that it's time for a special Bonus Box; which is a wonderful way to get a bunch of stuff (typically 10-12 items, including at least 1 full size) for very little money. $20 was the cost for the Summer Bonus Box, and that included shipping.

Natural and Organic Beauty Box
My Summer 2015 Bonus Box
They use the Bonus Boxes to clear out the aging merchandise, and they are very up front about the possibility that you may get some items that are duplicates from your monthly subscription box (talk about the perfect opportunity to share them with someone you love and introduce them to natural skin care and beauty products!).
I've only been with Goodebox a few months, so my odds were pretty good to not get duplicates. Sure enough, I only received one item that I'd already gotten, and it was something I liked very much, so SCORE!
Goodebox Natural Beauty Subscription Box May
This was my May 2015 Goodebox
Check out my Unboxing video to see how amazing the Summer Bonus Box was:
Natural and organic beauty products can be costly, and they are also not easy to find. I love using a subscription service to find natural and organic beauty "treasures". It's great to come across brands that you might otherwise never experience. There have been quite a few "keepers" in my NATURAL subscription boxes (both Goodebox AND Petit Vour).
Goodebox Natural Skin Care and Makeup Subscription Box
This is my July 2015 Goodebox
I look forward to the next Bonus Box and hope I will be able to score one (or two!) before they are gone.
If you aren't registered with Goodebox and you think you might enjoy a Bonus Box, be sure to head over and give them your email. You don't have to be a subscriber, either, in order to take advantage of the Bonus Boxes.
If you'd like to watch my unboxing videos for the May or June Goodebox, here they are as well:
Have you considered taking advantage of a beauty subscription service? Which one?
What's holding you back?
Disclosure: I received no compensation for this post. I pay for my subscription myself, as well as the Bonus Box. There are no referral credits as of yet with Goodebox, so I will not receive any type of compensation for people signing up or clicking through my links.