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Thursday, July 2, 2015

All Natural Mask with Only ONE Ingredient!

Sometimes when you read through the ingredients list of beauty products, you can feel like you need a PhD in chemistry...trying to figure out all those weird sounding ingredients.
Even with some "Natural" products, it can be tough, because some natural ingredients can have really scientific sounding names.
But with a new mask I just tried out, there's only 1 ingredient, and it's all natural: Moroccan Lava Clay (Argile).
All Natural Face Mask

How easy is that?!?!
Since it's a powder, there is no need for preservatives. Hence, just the dried clay.
Nothing else is needed other than the water you add yourself. Or the shampoo. Yes, this is also a scalp and hair treatment, as well.
Completely Natural Beauty Mask
 Introducing Zakia's Moroccan Ghassoul Clay Powder Face and Body Mask.
(Normally $19.99, but currently on sale for $10.99 HERE)
My daughter and I tried it out with great success.
We simply mixed a little water into the clay and created the consistency we desired for our face mask.
Simple Natural beauty treatment
We spread it on and let it dry for about 6-8 minutes. The directions said to leave it on up to 10 minutes but NOT to let it dry and get hard, as that isn't necessary to reap the benefits, and it just makes it harder to remove. Plus, I don't actually like that dry, stiff feeling when you let them get really dry.
Cruelty Free Face Mask

The detoxifying and exfoliating clay did seem to make my skin feel smoother and softer. It also seemed to slightly decrease my clogged pores. They weren't perfect, but they did seem a little clearer and smaller to me.
Mask for sensitive skin
There's no irritation from this pure, natural mask, as there are no ingredients that cause burning or tingling sensation...which I'm grateful for, as is my daughter.
great natural mask for girls to use
She loves doing masks with me, but there have been a few over the years that we had to wash off quickly because they caused burning on her.
All in all, this multi-purpose, mineral-rich treatment was a great experience for us both and I would recommend it to others wanting a non-irritating, natural, simple beauty treatment.

I still have to try it out in my hair. I'm a bit skeptical about that, as I just can't imagine putting it in my hair. But hey, I'm game for almost anything at least once!
It's worth noting that the maker recommends using this as a full body treatment as well. Maybe when I have the time to sit naked in the shower for about 7 minutes, I'll have to give that a try, too, since it made my face feel so good. Surely it would do the same for my whole bod?

A little about Zakia's: their products are pure, organic (whenever possible) and natural. They don't use PEGS, Parabens, or mineral oils in any of their products and none are tested on animals. They are a majority women and family owned business with offices in Miami, Paris and Morocco.

I would love for more of my beauty care products to be so effective and yet still so easy to read.
Don't you wish more things were this simple?!
I get sick of trying to figure out what's chemical and what's natural! Don't you?
Disclosure: I received this product in exchange for my review. No other compensation was received by me. My opinion is, as always, my own and reflects my honest feelings about the product(s).