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Monday, October 13, 2014

Comparing Eye Primers: 4 Different Primers Go Head to Head!

I had not been a user of eye primers up until about six months ago. I simply didn't know much about them. Then, I began seeing and hearing about how they make such a difference in how your eyeshadow performs. Supposedly, they help your shadows not only last, but cut back on creasing caused by oily lids (of which I am Queen!), as well as make colors truly POP. So, I armed myself with some of the much touted "best" and proceeded to experiment.
I compared Smashbox Photo Finish Lid Primer, Smashbox 24 Hr Photo Finish Primer, LASplash Splashproof Sealer/Eyeshadow Base, and Too Faced Shadow Insurance.

The first two primers I compared were Smashbox PhotoFinish Lid Primer ($20 for full size, sample shown) and LASplash Splashproof Sealer/Eyeshadow Base ($8.98, full size as shown).
First, Smashbox (your left) provides some color to even lid color, if you need that, while LASplash (your right) doesn't. Since you cover the lid with shadow anyway, I'm not impressed by that, personally...though some may be.
 Second, you can see the difference in color show intensity (or POP!) that LASplash (your right) delivered, which Smashbox (your left) did not.
This was my "final look" below.
Thirdly, is the performance after a full day of wear.
There was NO discernible difference at the end of the day between these two.
So, for me, I like LASplash better, b/c of the POP factor.
Also, I prefer it because of the cost difference, the LASplash being less than HALF the cost.
Next up, I pitted Too Faced Shadow Insurance ($20) against Smashbox 24 Hour Photo Finish Shadow Primer ($20). Both below are sample sizes.
 Both of these had no added color for the lid, so the look was the same.
Moving on to color POP factor...
You can see that the lid on your right looks more color saturated.
This one was the Smashbox 24 Hour. So, it provided the best POP.

Here are a few more shots to show you the POP factor:

Then, there was wear.
Here's the look at the end of the day. 

They seem to have performed equally as far as longevity, as seen above.
Since the cost is the same, I favor the Smashbox due to the color POP factor.
Then, I tried  Too Faced Shadow Insurance ($20) against Smashbox PhotoFinish Lid Primer ($20 for full size, sample shown)
 The Smashbox has some coverage, as stated previously, so it helps to create a "blank canvas", if that's an issue for you (see below). The Too Faced has color, but it completely dissolves away so that it doesn't leave that nice "blank canvas" like the other. Again, for me, that's just not an issue.
 You can see that the Too Faced had more color POP.
 The Smashbox color results were slightly more understated.
 A shot, below, where you can see that color POP on your right.
 At the end of the day, they both did their job well. They held up great, no color creasing or anything like that. I did prefer the Too Faced for its color POP.
Finally, I put my two faves up against each other...
Below, the Smashbox (your left) did seem to provide a touch of coverage that I didn't notice previously, compared to the LASplash (your right), at least.
And, as you can see below, even though they BOTH had previously outpaced the others for the "color POP" factor, the LASplash (your right) clearly performed better than the Smashbox (your left).
 See how the right eye just looks better because the color of the shadow POPs more?!?!

In the end (see below), they both did a great job at providing longevity for eyeshadow wear...and no creasing!
When you factor cost AND the POP factor, I am clearly in favor of the LASplash Splashproof Sealer/Eyeshadow Base. And very glad to find a product that does the same quality job as the high-end brands, at such a big savings!
I love it when that happens :)
Don't you?!?!
One thing you should know about the LASplash Base: unlike the other primers, which feel like a creamy lotion, it feels like a liquidy serum. It just feels totally different. Not bad. Not good. Just different. And you do need to give it about 1 minute to dry.
Also, because of the slightly tacky feel of this primer, you get hardly any fallout from shadows because they instantly stick to the primer. I happen to LOVE this effect. I hate fallout and sometimes have a problem with that because I rush a little when applying and don't tap my brush off. So, that's great for me.
Now that I've "found" eye primers, I really prefer to use them.
Do you use eye primers? Which one? If you don't currently, do you plan to get one now?
Disclosure: I paid for all these items. I received no compensation for this review. My opinion is, as always, my own.