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Monday, August 18, 2014

Urban Decay's NEW Perversion Mascara vs. Better Than Sex Mascara

In my August Ipsy Glambag
I got several cool items...
Cool cylindrical polka dot bag this month!

  I was very excited that we got to sample Urban Decay's NEW Perversion mascara so SOON after it just came out. That's what I'm talkin' 'bout, Ipsy!
Anyways, I did my unboxing video:
You can see all the things I got, plus, watch as I apply UD's Perversion on one eye while I follow up with Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara on the other eye.
What were the results?

I have to say, the UD didn't go on nearly as smoothly or easily as the BTSex. The overall look with only one coating was pretty similar, though BTSex had more "oomph"...as you can see in the video above.
However, the overall look was a bit different after two coats.
Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara on right
The BTSex (right side) was a little bit thicker, more dramatic, which some love...yet some hate, because they like a more natural look.
It's very subjective.
I happen to like the BTSex application AND look better than the UD, but it really depends on which type of mascara look you prefer.

HOWEVER, the hold-up of the BTSex was a big let-down!Look at all that smudging!
Check out the results below of a full 8 hour day's wear of the Perversion, compared with the BTSex above. Both are with only one coat, BTW.
Perversion only had very minor smudging.

You can see that they eye on your right had more oomph, and the lashes look longer, thicker and more dramatic. That's the BTSex mascara. On your left is the Perversion, which wore a lot better throughout the day, but just didn't have the same payoff in overall look.
Uggghhhh. Why can't we have both?!?! 
Oh, and BTW, I did take some "after" shots of the Lord & Berry liner (which DID run & pool up at the corner of my eyes just like I suspected it would, despite my application of setting powder just under it). Plus, it ran UNDER my eyes a bit, too.
Hence, goopy eyes:
My eyes don't like pencil eyeliner
Not an attractive look!
I had a bit of transfer from the liner onto my lid, too. Not much...just a little:
AND, the Forever Blush by Coastal Scents hung around pretty well through the course of the day:
Forever Blush stuck around pretty well
The Dr. Brandt Mattifying Pore Refining Primer did NOT help my oily skin be matte (sadly):
Oily skin, always!
Overall, the products' staying power were less than stellar...
Wishing the Dr. Brandt's had worked better
but I'm VERY happy with Ipsy for giving me the opportunity to try it all out without spending big $$ on it. Yay!
Swatch of Lord & Berry Kajal Kohl-Liner
If you would like to sign up for Ipsy, too, please consider using my referral link. I'll get "points" which I can exchange for free products.
Thank you!
  • If you have oily skin, have you found a mattifying product that really works? Do share!
  • On eyeliner, as I stated in the video, with my oily skin, marker type liquid liners work best for me. Which type of eyeliner do you prefer...and why? Any particular brand you love?
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