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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Strivectin-SD for eyes...is it worth $65?

Many of us are on a quest.
A quest for the ultimate eye cream.
You know the one...it will make dark circles disappear, crows feet a memory, "chicken skin" under eyes smooth like a child's, and perhaps, even, make puffbags go poof!
Strivectin has been around for some time, and seems to get good press, and hey, it costs a small fortune, so it must work, right?

 I have ALMOST bought it several times, but each time, in the end, just couldn't justify spending $65 for a tube of eye cream. If it did everything I want, I would pay it. If it didn't do at least 2 of the things I want...nope. Not shelling out that much. I will just accept my aging eyes gracefully.
Well, I blessedly received a deluxe sample through one of my Birchbox subscription back in April. So excited! It was supposedly a 2 week supply. I used a fairly liberal amount on the bottoms of my eyes as well as the lids, and it lasted me about 2.5 months. That is long enough to know whether or not it truly works, right? I thought so.
Yeah, it didn't. Sadly.
It was a nice eye cream...no stinging or burning or itching. It moisturized nicely. No breakouts. But did it achieve my miracle list?
Dark circles = exactly the same.
Crows feet = no difference (although I hardly have any of these yet).
"Chicken Skin" under eyes = no change at all.
Puffbags = still puffy (NOTE: mine are not due to lack of sleeping, etc....they are hereditary fat pads that showed up as I aged, according to my derm, and nothing short of surgery will "fix" them...so who knows...this MAY help with simple lack-of-sleep type puffbags?)
Does Strivectin-SD work? It did NOT for me.
I wouldn't shell out $65 for it. I wouldn't shell out more than, say, $12 for what it does, honestly. I can get an equally moisturizing, non-stinging eye cream for around that much.
I hate wasting money. I don't want you to either. After all, you could take that money and buy a miracle product that actually works...like Latisse (yep, I use it, it works, AND I get it at a discounted price or I wouldn't use it either...I'm that frugal).
Now, if you had a different experience with Strivectin-SD, please share it with us in the comments.
Perhaps I'm a fluke of nature? I'll bet not, though.
Have you tried another eye cream that DID work miracles?