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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hot Mama! the Balm's Shadow/Blush Review

Are you a Hot Mama?
I am!
Okay, maybe not really, but I wear Hot Mama!, the Balm's lovely shade of "eye shadow/blush" (yes, that's how they put it...shadow/blush, complete with front slash).
My December 2013 Birchbox
I'm glad to say that through my subscription to Birchbox, I've been introduced to several of the Balm's great products. Two I received within the last little bit, are Hot Mama! and Mary-Lou Manizer (MLM). MLM is touted as a "highlighter, shimmer, eye shadow".
I like MLM, too, and could go into the details of its merit, but let's save that for another review. Back to Hot Mama!...

Here's a picture collage to show you the package itself (note that this is a sampler size, NOT the regular size), the shade (one shows you the peachy color better, while the other really picked up the high shimmer, so I used both), and how it looks when swatched on my hand. And no, I didn't rub on lots to get it to show up, I just rubbed on a little. So it's pretty light here.
Here's what I think of Hot Mama!
For me, at 40, I'm not keen on it as a blush because of the intense shimmer. I would probably wear it as a blush during the summer, though.
But as an eye shadow, it's awesome. I really like the look it gives me. It's a great soft, warming color. It gives a soft color that keeps the look on the neutral/natural side, but gives more oomph than a naked eye would. I think it's beautiful. I imagine it would work on any eye color. It may be even prettier on brown or hazel eyes.
You can see the very simple, understated look I created below by using Hot Mama on the entire lid, through the crease and above it just a bit. I used MLM on the brow bone as my highlighter. Then I just used a blending brush and softened both out.
There are times that a lady just looks better with a more minimalistic makeup look. This is GREAT for those days.
A few other plusses: It didn't fade throughout the day (I did use eye primer), nor did it crease at. all. I hate when shadows crease. Yuck.
I really like Hot Mama!
I would recommend it to any friends who were searching for a similar color. And I look forward to trying it out as a blush when summer arrives.
If you like Hot Mama!, you can find it for sale HERE at the Balm's website. Full size is $20.
Or, if you are a Birchbox member, you can purchase it through BB (also $20) and possibly use your points or earn extra points!
If you'd like to subscribe to Birchbox yourself, I'd love it if you'd use my link (I get points for each referral). Thanks!
Let me know in the comments if you have any questions about Hot Mama! or anything else in this post.