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Saturday, November 5, 2011

More Humane, Quality Coffee?

I love coffee.

I have a "most loved" coffee.
I drink 2-4 cups per day, depending on a number of factors.
I am willing to spend more money on quality coffee.

My fave: Starbucks Sumatra, Whole Bean, freshly ground by me.

My 2nd fave: Starbucks Cafe Verona, Whole Bean, freshly ground by me.

So, when BzzAgent sent me 2 packs from Green Mountain Coffee to try out, I was skeptical. They sent me 2 packages:

A Limited Edition Seasonal ground coffee with a light roast - Pumpkin Spice

their Organic House Blend ground coffee with a medium roast

First, a few facts about Green Mountain Coffee is in order.
According to BzzAgent, Green Mountain Coffee:
  • has the largest selection of Fair Trade Certified coffees in the US
  • is a division of Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc., which is the largest roaster of Fair Trade Certified Coffee in the WORLD
  • has been supporting Fair Trade for over a decade
  • is the leading brand in K-Cup portion packs for Keurig brewers and is also available in ground or whole bean bags
  • is available in most grocery stores nationwide or online at www.greenmountaincoffee.com
So, what the heck is "Fair Trade", anyway? Here's the info I got from BzzAgent:
  • Fair Trade provides a direct link between farmers & Green Mountain Coffee, eliminating the middlemen, known as "coyotes".
  • Farmers are paid a fair price for their harvest...guaranteed a minimum price for their coffee, and if market prices exceed the current minimum, they receive the current market price plus a separate payment called a  premium.
  • Farming families and communities are supported...they belong to a co-op that votes to determine how to invest their Fair Trade premiums to best benefit their own communities' funding projects for things like schools, roads, health clinics, and safe drinking water.
  • Sustainable farming practices are promoted. To become "Fair Trade Certified", farmers must adhere to a number of environmental standards, like protecting water resources, and restricting the use of pesticides & certain chemicals.
  • Working conditions are bettered because strict labor laws and practices are followed to protect workers.
So, how does it taste, you ask?
Pretty dang good, actually. I was impressed.

If you like flavored coffee, you would most likely enjoy the Pumpkin Spice coffee. It smells divine and tastes quite good. It has a nice flavor, although I personally would have enjoyed a more intense "coffee" flavor. I had given a sample to a friend and she said she mixed hers with regular coffee. That seemed like a good idea for getting the java intensity I wanted with the nice Pumpkin Spice flavor, so I tried it and liked it best that way.

I'm also quite pleased with the Organic House Blend. The flavor is nice, with no bitterness...none of that "burnt" flavor you run across with cheaper brands. I detest that burnt quality, by the way, which is why I pay a little more for better quality coffee. I am happy with the House Blend. Oh, and it smells super-great. Even my teen who can't stand the smell of coffee for some weird reason and complains about the smell regularly, said that this coffee was different...that it smelled "good"...and could he try some? Sure!

I don't know if I'll be a life-long convert. I really love my Starbucks. But I do have another trusted option, now. And if I can get Green Mountain for less moola, I might just change.

Thanks BzzAgent & Green Mountain Coffee. That's one fine coffee!

If you want to give Green Mountain a try, I have 9 coupons for $1 off any type of Green Mountain Coffee. Expires 12/31/11

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dea said...

thanks for sharing..
coffee like so delicius.

sabrina said...

How does this compare to shade grown coffee? That's what I like for several reasons. ;)