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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Can YOU Shake Your Booty? Wii Zumba 2

I can!
And with a little more practice (okay, maybe a LOT more), I might look skilled while doing it.
So, you'd have to live under a rock to not know about the wave of popularity that Zumba has recently ridden. But maybe, like me, you're not keen to shake your moneymaker (and fall out from exhaustion or smack someone next to you with the errant hand) in front of an audience. That's where the Wii comes in.

With Wii Zumba 2, you can have loads of fun, get heart-pounding exercise, and sweat off some pounds while tightening up the parts of you that ought NOT be jiggly. And you can do it without an audience. Aaaaand, you can learn how to dance like a Latin star if you apply yourself. Bonus!
Oh, and you don't have pay for ongoing classes, babysitters, nor gas to drive to classes, nor fancy workout wear (unless you just want to!). These are definite positives in a harsh economy where many of us don't have a dime to spare.

Another positive: for the cost of one game, multiple people can take advantage of it, while lessons would require you to pay for each participant. So the family could get involved. I learned quickly that my daughter likes to Zumba. So it's an easy way to get the kids to exercise!

And yes, if you follow the on-screen example, you will really get a workout. There are different intensity levels, so you can work your way up. There's even a tutorial to learn the basic moves.

There are tons of fun songs, and as you do better & better, you unlock new songs.
One thing to beware: this game is rated "T" because of mild lyrics. So, you might hear a few "iffy" lyrics on some songs. I haven't heard anything that bad so far, but I haven't heard every song, either. If you find a song you don't like, you could always skip it.

Houseparty.com sent me a Zumba 2 game for Wii , which includes 1 hip belt, along with 3 extra hip belts to party with. I also received some coupons for $5 off Zumba 2 at GameStop (exp 11/29/11), coupons for free 7-day pass to Zumba classes at participating 24 Hour Fitness clubs, no strings attached, and coupons for 30% off Zumba apparel and accessories over $99 at Zumba.com (exp 6/20/12).

We had a lot of fun at my Zumba 2 House Party. I do have some of the coupons left over.
If you'd like some, please comment below. You must be a GFC follower.
Be sure to include your email addy in the comment so I can email you for the address you want me to send them to.
If you have a Zumba 2 tell us what you think about it.


Amy~* said...

We have the first one, yep it's definitely gonna take me A LOT more practice, too!! LOL

sabrina said...

I'd like a coupon if you have any left. We have the Wii fit but it gets boring. My email is sabrinachandler @cableone.net

Jean said...

Sabrina, I'll email you and get one out to you asap.
Thanks for your interest.

Jean said...

If you decide to trade up to the newer one, let me know and I'll send you a coupon.

Beth Rice said...

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demi puceta said...

My best friend LOVES zumba! She is addicted to it! So I know she definitely does not have this! I will definitely recommend this to her. So she if cant get out to do it, she can do it in her home!

Mahdi Martin said...

I always thought the only reasons I would want a Wii is for the exercise programs or sword fighting games (which sounds a bit dangerous). I've learned some great moves for my workouts from watching some Zumba routines. I love dancing!