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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Do YOU Do Toilets?

If there’s one household chore that has “ick-factor”, it’s scrubbing toilets. I think you’d have to be a freak-of-nature to enjoy scrubbing toilets. That’s why I (and many other people) have tried every new toilet product that has come out over the years. I’ve tried special scrubbing brushes, special scrubbing chemicals, those little things that clip to the side of toilet & purport to keep things cleaner for longer while giving you fantabulously fresh scents, those interesting little tablets that you drop into the tank & they’re supposed to prevent the need to clean for 2000 flushes or so, and probably a few others I’ve managed to forget. I’ve even gone quite simple and used plain old baking soda or a sprinkling of Borax. So, in light of my quest to avoid “doing” the toilets, I was excited to receive a Scrubbing Bubbles One Step Toilet Bowl Cleaner Starter Kit free from BzzAgent.
Before I tell you my opinion, let me explain this gizmo. You clip a little spray nozzle onto the side of the toilet, reminiscent of those toilet cake things aforementioned. It has an attached tube that connects to a separate canister-holder that sits on the floor near to the toilet. I easily inverted & popped in the can of cleaner that came with the kit,  then slid the white sleeve over it (keeps things a little less noticeable that way). It was easy. Directions tell you that you are to make sure the sprayer is nice & level so that it will spray 360 degrees around the toilet, right under the rim. I tested it to make sure I had it on right. Check. You are supposed to step on the little peddle on the canister twice a day, holding your foot down for only a second. I figured it would be best to do it once at bedtime, and I’d work in some other time in the course of the day. And the canister is supposed to last approximately 30 days when the directions are followed (I'm on 3 and half weeks & I haven't run out yet).Easy, right?
So, I started with a clean toilet…yes, I did the dirty work first off. Then came the test: use as directed & see if this gizmo actually works so I can let you guys know the truth (and to see if MY toilet scrubbing days can come to an abrupt end).
Here’s what I discovered.

Don’t throw away your toilet brush just yet. You’re still gonna need it (sadly). However, you will not need to use it quite as often. Yay!! You can think of this product as an equal to those daily shower cleaner sprays that became so popular a few years back. It slows down the yuck-growth, but it doesn’t stop it dead in its tracks. Whereas I usually scrub my toilet once a week, I ended up needing to clean it at the 2 week mark. (Worth mentioning: the type of water you have (hard/soft) plus the amount of use your toilet receives may alter individual results. For example, we have 6 people in our home and only 2 toilets. We homeschool, so 5 of us are here pretty much all day long, using that toilet over & over again. The cleaner doesn’t get to sit and do its thing for hours like it might for some families. It gets to sit for maybe a half-hour during the “day spray”. Nothing I can do about that.)
Things I didn’t like: the nozzle is quite noticeable. If you have a little kid, they may be lured in by their curiosity (just sayin’). You never realize how long it takes your toilet to finish filling after flushing until you have to stand there & wait on it. And wait on it. Every single night. Every single day. THAT grows old rather quickly. I found myself forgetting. If not for me needing to get an accurate testing for this review, I probably wouldn’t have fulfilled the twice-a-day recommendation. It gets used up and you have to buy more, creating consumer dependency (and also more waste).
Things I did like: Stepping on the peddle is super easy. Just step. No work there. The smell…it was nice, yet understated. The sprayer did get under the rim, and it did reach 360 degrees around the toilet’s rim, just as promised. The canister wasn’t very noticeable because I kept it right up close to the toilet on the side farthest away from the door, right near the trash can. There are 2 different scents you can choose from, just in case one scent doesn’t work for you. And, of course, the best part – cleaning the toilet HALF as much as I used to!
You can take my opinion into consideration now and determine whether or not the Scrubbing Bubbles One Step Toilet Bowl Cleaner would be worth it to you. If you think it would be, allow me give you some high-value coupons so you can save some moolah.
If you’d like a coupon, I’ve got 10 coupons for $4 of the Scrubbing Bubbles One Step Toilet Bowl Cleaner Starter Kit, and 10 coupons for $2 off the refill canisters. I’d be happy to send you one of each so you can try it out yourself. All you need to do is be a Google Friend Connect follower (GFC, right sidebar of this blog) OR “Like” The Real Mom Review on Facebook (top left sidebar) or subscribe via email (at the very bottom, in the white section) and comment below which one you did & that you want the coupons. Be sure you include your email in the comment, since I will need to email you to get the address you’d like your coupons sent to.
*Oh, and if you’ve tried this product and want to add your opinion/experience, please feel free! Since there are numerous conditions that can affect the effectiveness of this product (as mentioned above), I’d like to see what other people’s experiences have been with the One Step cleaner.*


Denise Taylor said...

I just got two of these for free at Walmart but I have not tried it yet. I don't like to "Do Toilets" LOL

melissa said...

i honestly dont like to do toilets i hate it with a passion lol. but i have a 5yr old with really bad aim!


Rebecca Shockley said...

Toilets make me want to gag seriously, they should have cleaning suits for when you have to touch that thing, they are seriously wet, cold and slimy.

clenna said...

I hate cleaning the toilet too. It never seems clean enough. I'd love the coupons. I follow via Google, FB and email subscriber.

Maybe this will help me clean and not hate it so much.

1955nurse said...

I have really been wondering about these, I've seen the commercials! You never know what ICKY stuff is in yr water 'til you go away for a week after having cleaned the toilets & come back to see what is IN THERE! YUCK - Makes you want to RUN get a water filter FOR YOUR WHOLE HOUSE!!!

1955nurse said...

I realized AFTER I commented that you were giving away coupons for this! I would LOVE a coupon for this - it WOULD get to sit all day @ my house, since no one is here for the day (most days, that is!) Thanks! ((1955nursehjc4me(at)myway(dot)com)) I like you on FB, & will do the GFC thing as soon as I can get it t come up - seems to be hiding today for some reason!

Jean said...

Hi guys! I'll be getting those coupons to you asap. I've still got 8 more sets worth $6 each! First come, first served ;)

corey1971 said...

I follow you on GFC, Facebook and email (all three) and I would love a coupon.


heartnsoulcooking said...

I HATE!!! doing toilets and when my boys were growing up I HATED!!! it more. Now it's just me and my hubby, so it's not that bad. I would LIKE to try this NEW product anything that make life a little easies is GREAT!

Jean said...

2 more coupon sets gone! 6 more sets available

Naddez said...

New follower via GFC. Please follow my blog. Thanks! :)