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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Can YOU guess the best kid shampoo?

I have 4 kids, and through the years I've used more than my fair share of kiddie shampoos, I assure you. With 2 remaining small ones, I'm still a frequent purchaser of them. I've tried many different brands, and lots of them certainly have merit. Alas, I DID settle on one eventually, and I have stuck with it for quite a few years, now.

Which one is it? Here are your clues (dont' peek to the bottom!):

1) It's very inexpensive. When you have little ones who sometimes get ahold of it and squirt half the bottle out in some misguided attempt to create a bathtub-slip'n'slide, you don't want to shell out $8-9 per bottle (although I surely did love the scent of my Burt's Bees Baby Bee shampoo, which DID cost that much).

2) It smells great. There are probably about 6 or 7 different scents available, our favorite being coconut. The one I absolutely hate = strawberry. To me, this does NOT smell like strawberries, but instead actually reminds me of slightly strawberry-scented vomit. Sorry about that, but you need to know. Plus, it does NOT leave hair smelling clean at all. A sweaty head will still smell like a sweaty head with strawberry, for some reason.

3) It can be used to bathe with, too. We've always used our kiddie shampoo as kiddie body wash, also. No problems whatsoever.

4) It works. Kid hair comes clean. It smells clean (with the exception noted in #2). It lathers well and it doesn't cause tears.

NOTE: It does NOT condition worth a hoot. One variety of this brand is supposed to be a 2-in-1 conditioning shampoo, but in my experience, it is not. It may be a touch better than plain shampoo alone, but a conditioner is still required if you have a thick/coarse/dry haired child (and I do). I have to use adult conditioner on both my daughters' hair.

5) Kids aren't offended that your trying to make them use baby shampoo. Even my 11 yr old has no problem using it, although I try to encourage him to use the adult shampoo now.

6) There are fun characters on the bottle. Yeah, I know...superficial. But tell me, does your kiddo NOT beg for a certain cereal or snack simply because there's a fun character on the box? Thought so!

So, have you guessed which kid's shampoo I'm talking about yet?

Suave Kids, of course!

And if you want a super-good deal, try your local Sam's Club. Here in South Alabama, our Sam's Club sells this 4-pack for only $5.88. That's a great deal.

And if you don't have acess to a Sam's Club, Suave has gotten pretty good about putting out coupons  in the Sunday paper recently. Use a couple of coupons and score yourself a fab deal on a worthy product.

What do you think? Do you hate strawberry as much as I do? Do the "Smoothers" variety seem to condition well for your child? Know another great kid shampoo that's also inexpensive?
Lemme know whatcha got in "comments" below.


redkitchen said...

This is my favorite, too. Both my younger children use it.

Victoria said...

I use it myself :)

Jean said...

Which scent do you guys like best?

Cindy Dy said...

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