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Saturday, November 7, 2015

The Perfect Gift for Moms or Moms to Be

Recently, I was introduced to a new subscription service for moms like me...moms who care about being healthy, about the health of their children, about the health and wellbeing of our earth.
That subbie box is Ecocentric Mom.
Vegan Ecofriendly Natural Organic Gifts for Moms
What is Ecocentric?

It's a fairly new term. You won't find it in the dictionary...yet.
Centric means "central; concentrated about or directed to" and eco is "habitat or environment".
Therefore, "ecocentric mom = a mom who is concentrated on or concerned about her environment."
An Ecocentric Mom cares about what she uses personally and how it effects not only the earth, but her own health and the health of her family.
Lynd Family in Nature
Not only does she care about how many trees get cut down to produce the things she uses all the time, but how the company that produces those things is caring for its workers, how it is replenishing its supply of raw materials, and whether they are trying to minimize their impact on the ecosystem. 
She also realizes that everything you slather on your skin is absorbed into your body, and unlike the foods you eat, which have the luxury of passing through the liver for filtration, the products you put on your body are absorbed directly and pass all through your body wreaking havoc before they ever finally make it to the liver for filtration. Those things can harm our delicate systems and completely disrupt functions, such as our endocrine system.
We may end up with hormonal issues like thyroid problems, early puberty, weight gain, cortisol regulation issues and possibly even cancer.
Lynd Family walking through the woods
The Ecocentric Mom is aware.
She's informed.
And she's empowered.
She knows that her dollars drive the flow.
She wants to choose wisely, so that she's helping heal, not harm, the world she's passing on to her children and their children.
If you are that mom...or you know someone who is...or someone you can introduce to that truth...then it's time for a subscription to Ecocentric Mom
Ecocentric Mom Subscription Box Review

They offer a Pregnancy Box...
includes 5-9 sample and full size products
* Beauty
* Bath & Body
* Snack
* Pregnancy care
* Baby prep
includes 5-9 sample and full size products
* Beauty
* Bath & Body
* Snack / Baby Food
* Baby Care
* Baby Gear or Play 
and a Mom Box.
 includes 5-9 sample and full size products
* Beauty
* Bath & Body
* Snack
* Health & Wellness
* Home
Here's my experience with the October Mom Box.
I personally LOVE subscription boxes.
They keep on giving.
They keep on introducing me to cool, innovative products that I might otherwise never come across.
If you gift a subbie box, the recipient will think of you with joy and thankfulness each and every month when their box of fun arrives!
It is really the perfect gift.
Think of how much you loved to get mail when you were a kid...now multiply that by 100!
Natural Beauty Products, Organic Skin Care, Healthy Snacks
Coupon Codes & Links for the Products that came in my October Ecocentric Mom Box:
Wouldn't you love to get a box full of cool, innovative, ecocentric products delivered to your door every month?
 If so, send the link to this post to someone who needs a hint, or share it through your social media so they will know what you'd love to get. 

An Ecocentric Mom subscription is the perfect baby shower gift, birthday gift, Mothers Day gift or Christmas gift!
Who are you going to gift it to?
Which of the 3 boxes would you need?
 Disclosure: I received a complimentary box for review purposes and have received no other compensation. My opinion is, as always, my own.