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Monday, April 6, 2015

Getting Rid of Dandruff & Flaking Naturally

In our family, there are a few of us who suffer from dandruff.
I get seasonal dry scalp flaking, from time to time.
We've tried lots of different things over the years, including prescription strength shampoo. Some of it has worked, some of it didn't. But everything we tried had chemicals and other unnatural stuff in it, which I'm trying to avoid now, because it's...
not good for you, not good for the earth.
I'm VERY happy to report that I've found an answer to both the Dandruff issue AND the occasional dry scalp flaking, and it's natural!
natural dandruff control
 This is Pura D'or.

They offer up several premium ORGANIC shampoos and a conditioner, along with other Argan Oil based beauty products.
 I've got the Premium Organic Argan Oil Conditioner in Lavender Vanilla, and the Premium Organic Argan Oil Scalp and Dandruff Shampoo.
I'm going to be honest...I really didn't expect something organic to actually do much for dandruff. I thought that it might actually help my dry scalp some, due to elimination of harsh chemicals, but I doubted that dandruff could be dealth with effectively without strong medicines and chemicals.
I was wrong.
Yes, I admit it.
I go on record right now admitting that.
I started using the Pura d'or shampoo and conditioner as soon as I got it and I told my sons, who both have dandruff, to start using it, too. 
After about a week I inspected my scalp and there was hardly any flaking. Yay! There were a few flakes, but not as many as there had been.
organic dandruff fix
I inspected my sons' scalps and there were barely any flakes in one son's hair and NO flakes at all in the other one's! 
When I asked them what they thought of them, one told me that it seemed to be doing great and that he REALLY liked the conditioner, especially the scent (lavender & vanilla).
True enough, his hair was far shinier and softer as well. His dark hair looked so much healthier. After two weeks, there were NO flakes in his hair. NONE! I'm still astounded.
all shine no flakes
My other son complained that he didn't like taking the extra time to try and get the shampoo to "suds up". He's never used a shampoo without sulfates, so he's completely unused to shampoos that don't get all bubbly. True enough, the shampoo doesn't bubble up as much as one with sulfates, but that's the way it is.
organic argan oil shampoo
 You have to train yourself to stop waiting for the bubbles...that bubbles do NOT equal clean!
He's still resistant to that, and wants his dern bubbles, but he has to admit that the shampoo does a great job (He doesn't use conditioner, so no opinion on that aspect).
how to control dandruff naturally
Now, for me, I'm totally used to sulfate-free shampoos. I hate shampoos with sulfates because they make my hair dry, frizzy as all-get-out, and strip the shine. So, for me, I just luxuriate in that minty scent (I think its the tea tree & peppermint oils I'm smelling) each time I use it.
I only wash my hair every 2-3 days, so I haven't gotten to use it as much as the boys have, but in the time I've used it, my flaking got less & less till there was none visible. Hallelujah!
organic sulfate free shampoo to stop itching
The conditioner seems to do a great job, too. It helps my hair be manageable and shiny. I do think that I, personally, need just a little bit more deep conditioning. So I would need to do a weekly or bi-weekly deep treatment with one of my faves.
pura d'or argan oil and lavender conditioner
When I was talking to the boys about it, my hubby chimed in that he'd been using Pura D'or Scalp & Dandruff Shampoo every other time he washed his hair, because he gets occasional flaking, too (Hmmm...married 16 years and I didn't even know that). He said he liked it too and thought it was doing a good job for him.
Pura D'or offers other products as well, over at their website, including a Premium Organic Hair Loss Prevention Shampoo which might be just the thing for folks who are suffering hair loss. I can't speak for its effectiveness, but if it's like their dandruff shampoo and the conditioner, you should expect great things!
A few things about Pura D'or:
All of their products are free from SLS, parabens and gluten. They are animal cruelty free, USDA Organic, USDA Certified Biobased, and claim to be Dr. trusted.
More about the two products I used:
These bottles are really big and they have very convenient pumps (I wish every shower product came in a pump like this!).
 review of natural organic dandruff control
Premium Organic Argan Oil Based Scalp & Dandruff Shampoo:
Helps Control Flaking, Scaling and Itching
Soothes Scalp
Moisturizes Hair
Paraben, Sulfate and Gluten Free
All Natural
review of organic natural conditioner
 Premium Organic Argan Oil Based Conditioner- Lavender Vanilla:
99% Vegetable Base Ingredients
Manages Frizz
Enhances Shine
Argan Oil Based
Paraben, Sulfate and Gluten Free

Disclosure: I received these products complimentary for review purposes. No other compensation was received. My opinion is always my own and represents my true feelings and my own experiences with a product.