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Monday, December 8, 2014

Want That "Glow"? Let Me Introduce You to Highlighters!

Not too long ago, my BFF Jen told me that my skin was looking great, and in fact, had a "Glow" to it.
(You know that Glow...pregnant women, young girls, and women newly in love seem to have it.)
Well, I had recently started using my stash of highlighters more consistently, so I attributed it to that.

I had this stash for a bit, but was reluctant to use them often because I wasn't sure how to use them without looking like a teenager with an oily face (SO not a desirable GLOW!).
Well, I finally did the great YouTube search and watched every YT Guru that ever thought she might be able to wield highlighter. After arming myself with all that, I started using them regularly.
I learned a lot about the basics, so I want to share what I've learned with you.
This is not so much a tutorial on HOW to use highlighters (though I did touch on that). It's more of a review of the different TYPES of highlighters, along with a demo of what they look like and how they apply, according to the different forms they come in.
I invite you to watch and hopefully learn something that will be useful to you and help you decide which highlighters might work best for you.
If you've found an awesome highlighter that you LOVE, 
PLEASE share with us which one and why you love it.
There's always room for more in my makeup drawer!
(not really, but hey, I can find somewhere to put it!)